CNN Review: 'Halo 4' is franchise's best yet

For all of its expected action and drama, the new "Halo 4" boils down to an essential question: Are its central characters humans, machines or something in between?
The answer may still be unclear by the time you're done playing this fantastic game.

This edition of the hugely popular "Halo" franchise was developed by 343 Industries, which took over after Bungie Studios, creators of the first four games, split from Microsoft. To its credit, 343 Industries has retained the intense first-person shooter action "Halo" fans are used to but upped the emotional interplay between the iconic Master Chief and his artificial-intelligence companion, Cortana.

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MultiConsoleGamer1929d ago

Boy, when I think of video games I think of CNN.

Muffins12231929d ago

By thankful its not by fox news....

BozoLoco1928d ago

Fox News' imminent review:

"This game does a fantastic job of representing the worth of military investment and war.



aviator1891928d ago

I think a ton of websites are realizing the rising popularity of video games and see the traffic game content brings to their pages.

1929d ago
mananimal1927d ago

6 hours long though, meh.