Wii U Will Have Day One Update

"Wii U has arrived in the IGN offices. We'll break down what you can expect in the coming days and weeks (for example, expect a full unboxing tomorrow, November 7 at 10am PT), but many have asked us for our thoughts on Miiverse and the console's online experience. We can't tell you about those for one simple reason - the system needs an update to add that functionality. And so will you when the console launches in less than two weeks.", writes IGN.

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chukamachine2023d ago

I think nintendo should do a do over.

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jay22023d ago

PMSL, so the Wii U's will ship with an incomplete, broken OS? and I thought Windows Vista was a load of poo.......

Neonridr2023d ago

who said it was broken? How many games ship with a day one update, some even to work properly.

The fact of the matter is, Nintendo is still tweaking the OS and setup right up to launch day. The launch units are boxed and sitting in some warehouse right now ready to be shipped to the respective destinations. Are you saying Nintendo should just stop adding to the functionality of the Wii U and just leave it as it is? I have updates for my Xbox everytime I turn it on, that's nothing new. I think I had an OS update for my iPod touch when I first got it.

It's kind of normal nowadays to have to update something as soon as you get it.

SaffronCurse2023d ago

Those are games, this is hardware we're talking about, a day 1 "Patch" for something related to hardware is quite pathetic.

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yavorsv2022d ago

Maybe there are some safety reasons behind this ? I don't think that they are not ready. This is Nintendo. They almost never patch or do things the last minute. I see this like some sort of unlocking for the system.. :)

Venox20082022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

@Jay2 wow, some people like you can still amaze :)

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BitbyDeath2023d ago

PS3 has encountered many day 1 game updates, i'm sure most systems do.

This appears to just be how things are now.

rainslacker2023d ago

If they just started shipping these out last week to distributors, stores, and the press, then these things were probably boxed up 1-2 months ago. Operating systems are complex, and I'd rather they issue updates to make it work than leave it as is with a broken system. Wii U's OS seems to be pretty hefty in terms of features so it's to be expected that they'd continue to keep working on it.

Or perhaps you'd prefer they leave it as is, even with possible security issues, laggy interface issues, or leave out features that just weren't quite ready when they had to pack it up and get them ready to ship.

AO1JMM2023d ago

Adding features on day 1 does not mean the OS is broken. You should actually read the article next time.

RFornillos42022d ago

there's a difference between a day-one-update, and a day-one-patch...

there are reasons why the day-one-update... one example is, they usually send out in advance consoles to reviewers; so they want to avoid pre-empting any announcement or reveals of console features such as Miiverse by these reviewers. imagine what would have happened if all features of Miiverse are included in the package, and IGN who already received the console, starts publishing everything they know about it, even before the Nintendo Direct announcement today?

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Messor2023d ago

Welcome to the age of patches and firmware updates, Nintendo.

ShaunCameron2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

The Wii had firmware updates. They just came infrequently.

RFornillos42022d ago

updates is not equal to patches.

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GraveLord2023d ago

Goes to show what Nintendo's priorities were with the Wii U if these essential features were just last-minute additions.

Deku-Johnny2022d ago

The features mentioned were being worked on before the console was announced last year. They're still working on making the features better, the update is so users get the latest versions of them.

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