Borderlands 2 developer had hopes for cross-platform grouping in the game

Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, revealed yesterday that the developer had thought about the possibility of cross-platform online play for “Borderlands 2". Unfortunately Microsoft and Sony wouldn’t support the idea, leaving the dream of Xbox 360 players grouping with Playstation 3 owners to never become a reality. If Gearbox Software’s hope for cross-platform play hadn’t been blocked by the first party companies, fans would have been able to group with one another in “Borderlands 2” regardless of which platform they were playing on.

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BitbyDeath2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Can already hear the online arguments it'd cause with having people who pay to play vs those who don't.

Would not be pretty

ItsTrue2053d ago

The idea of being able to is cool though.

koh2052d ago

I don't know, my friends don't sit around arguing about which console is better. Would probably be true for having random people join, but this was obviously meant to help friends with different consoles play together.

Lionalliance2053d ago

ehh...why not pc and ps3? Portal 2 did it.

ironfist922051d ago

Thats what I was at least expecting. I have a ton of friends who have Borderlands 2 on steam, but only a few for PS3.

crazysammy2053d ago

What is interesting to me about this article is that it was a possibility. Often you hear about the option not being on the table for technical reasons, and here GB is saying it was because of the 1st party devs and not because of the hardware. I wish they would allow it.

Megaton2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Wish they could cross PC and 360 so I could play with my console friends, but I'm sure that would have required GFWL for the PC version. Not worth it.

Sarobi2053d ago

Steam to PSN could of worked..