Q&A: Tenchu developer talks stealth, now that it's back in fashion

"Stealth games are making a resurgence in the West lately, with titles like Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored reaping critical accolades left and right. How do these titles differentiate themselves from that venerable granddad of the genre, Tenchu?

Acquire has been working on stealth titles for quite a while now, from 1998's original Tenchu: Stealth Assassins to Shinobido, which recently saw an installment on the PlayStation Vita. Acquire creative director Richie Casper shared with Gamasutra his impressions of the differences between Western and Japanese stealth games, and how developers in Japan can stand out in a world market.", writes Gamasutra.

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Relientk772021d ago

I would love to see another Tenchu game, love the franchise

Bathyj2021d ago

The ONLY real ninja game.

Actually, I shouldnt say that now, Mark of the Ninja looks great but I havent played it.

My point was nearly every other "ninja" game is just an asian super hero with a sword, not a stealth assassin.

camel_toad2021d ago

Someone needs to start a petition for a new Tenchu. I'm too lazy to start one but I'll sign it. =)

AngelicIceDiamond2021d ago

If another Tenchu game happens, its DAY 1 for me no exceptions.

Bathyj2021d ago

Ok, I go on and on about Tenchu here.

I'd love nothing more than for this franchise to come back with the AAA spit and polish its always deserved, but never had.

Please, somebody, think of the children.

The_Klank2021d ago

I played the original so much as a kid it was bordering on an obsession.
It blew my mind the freedom it gave and the kill animations were awsome..oh and it probably has the greatest soundtrack in video game history.

Bathyj2021d ago

Amen. The score was incredible.

The fact you could circle around the whole level and start from any point you wanted.

And everyone always says the Cerebral Bore is the greatest weapons ever, but I have to put poison rice right up there.

BitbyDeath2021d ago

Stealth games never went out of fashion, the popularity of MGS can attest to that.

The devs just need to work out what made it work so well on PS2 and bring it over.

Eldyraen2021d ago

I think Tenchu is in some ways the grandfather of Assassin's Creed and Batman Arkham Asylum/City. The core mechanics are similar anyways as its a mix of stealth, action and exploration.

I'd love to see a new Tenchu at some point especially if it incorporate a more open world design now that technology allows for it. Think about it, Assassin's Creed's historical portions would fit almost perfectly for a Tenchu game. Just think of the possibilities of exploring Ancient/Middle Age China in the same way as you can in either of those games (AC especially but with more of Batman's stealth/action mechanics/nooks and crannies--you already have a Ninja Rope for crying out loud which is pretty much on par with Batman's grappling hook plus all the different utility items to choose from).

If they did reboot Tenchu into a full AAA title it could have a huge potential market from AC and Batman gameplay fans compared to when it was originally released. It was simply way ahead of its time and had a few loose threads that needed to be fixed. A bit of modernization and it could be both insanely fun as well as more of a financial success.

Plus I just think the setting/culture is way under appreciated and wouldn't mind more variety ;)

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