PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royal - Q & A Session with SuperBot Entertainment

In an exclusive interview with SuperBot Entertainment during a media event in Hamburg, the developer confirmed additional characters and stages via DLC for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal.

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DA_SHREDDER2230d ago

The first party characters are sick, but they could have made better choices for their 3rd parties.

Liefx2230d ago

So instead of giving us the characters we wanted for free like a certain other brawler, they wanted to make some extra cash.

As a Sony fan, I am disappointed.

BigBoss19642230d ago

When did Brawl ever get DLC?

Liefx2229d ago

They didn't, that's my point.

Pushagree2230d ago

Completely agree. I had hopes for All-Stars, but it's clear that it's just a cash-cow trying to piggyback off of an already sucessful franchise. As much as I wanted this game to succeed to give Smash Bros some much needed competition (Brawl was a step back), it looks like All-Stars won't be able to compete. The beta gameplay was cluttered and the fans are clearly getting milked already. No one should stand for this.

ShinMaster2230d ago

Who says they're competing? They're on two different systems.
Nothing of what you said has anything to do with his comment.

Everyone I know that's playing the Beta are enjoying quite a bit.

princejb1342230d ago

i agree
i was gonna buy this game but after the beta i change my mind
kratos is to overpowered with long range attacks and fast attacks
and his forward + square move is annoying

radek players all they do is spam the sniper move

and the special system is to unbalanced, there are characters with much greater specials than others

i was really hoping for this game to replace smash brothers as my favorite 4 player brawler but nope

MaxXAttaxX2227d ago

Are you kidding. Many things from the Beta have been fixed for the final game, including character balance. That's what the Beta was for. Things don't stay exactly the same way and issues are addressed.

Your loss.

jwk942230d ago

What brawler are you talking about?

Liefx2229d ago

Smash Bros. All the characters were already in game. We didn't have to pay extra to download characters.

jwk942229d ago

And the same applies here. They're just extra characters.

ShinMaster2230d ago

Since when did SSB have any free DLC?
You payed for the content on the disc.

They're not going to delay the game to add more characters.

Liefx2229d ago

I didn't say anything about DLC. I said it was free, as in already on the disk. Bad wording sorry/

Liefx2229d ago

EDIT: I didn't say Smash bros had DLC. I said they had the characters for free AKA already in the game. We didn't have to get DLC to get all the characters we wanted to see.

Sorry if I worded it confusingly.

sinncross2229d ago

As a Sony fan, you would think you would understand that they cant just take any game they want and do what they like with it. Each IP holder/ developer has to be negotiated with.

I mean, its simple logic really.

Reverent2229d ago

Proof that some people here at N4G can actually be very intelligent^^^

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mcstorm2230d ago

Interesting. Looking forward to getting this game on my PSV.

I don't know if its true or not but someone said to me yesterday that when you buy the PS3 or PSV version you can get the other version free? Is this true?

grailly2230d ago

yes it's true, it's called cross buy, other games have it to.

Skate-AK2230d ago

Only if you get the PS3 version. Then you get the Vita for free.

mcstorm2230d ago

Are so I need to cancel my PSV version and get the PS3 version to get both then?

capjacksparrow2229d ago

Yup, you need to buy it for ps3 to get the vita version.

grailly2230d ago

I don't know if I'm getting this at launch, it fun but I don't like buying a 60$ game and DLC on top of that, I might wait a while to get the game and dlc for less than 60$.

I also have a feeling the price will drop quite quickly on this.

HarryMasonHerpderp2230d ago

Well if you think about it with all of the stuff already on the disc it is worth $60.
There's already over 20 characters and different modes and unlocks to have plus the online/offline multiplayer and you get a free Vita version, sounds like you will get your moneys worth without any DLC.
Also the DLC won't be released till a reasonable time after launch since the guy said they will be trying to include character's that people want in the game after release.

smashcrashbash2230d ago

The same narrow minded 'feeling' and premature negativity most gamers have these days right? The same reason why people don't play games because they are too busy calculating how bad it will do before it even comes out or before you even play the whole game? Yeah I know that feeling. Same feeling that drag good games down like an anchor for no reason at all.

grailly2229d ago

your comment is way more negative than anything I've written.

Over the last three month of this year i'll have bought 7 games at 60$, please excuse me if I think I have enough games to play and that I'd be able to save a few bucks by waiting a month or two before buying a game.

It also isn't my fault if game marketing is done this way, every company is trying to get their sales in the first week, I'm just using the system at my advantage

xBASED_CONDUITx2230d ago

grailly is right
im gonna wait a month and get all the dlc on this disc twenty dollars cheaper
dont get me wrong this game is fucking fun but theres really no rush
im praying old snake makes it in the roster

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