What if Video Game Personalities Were President?

Oprainfall writes: "With today being Election Day in the United States, we here at Oprainfall decided to throw our support for President behind a candidate that we all believe in. One that we believe will lead the country to true prosperity and economic stability. One that knows the way of the world and can heal our relationships with other countries while still being strong against terrorism. And that candidate is…"

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Griffin48711783d ago


All action. No talk.

TheFinalEpisode1783d ago

I actually voted write-in for Solid Snake :D

GribbleGrunger1783d ago

Who would want a president that could be controlled?

...oh... wait

jghvhv1783d ago

Rattata for President!

T-What1783d ago

Any of them would be better then the dumb Fu*k we have now

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