PlayStation The Official Magazine Closing

GameInformer- Future US confirmed today it will end production of PlayStation: The Official Magazine with the last issue slated for the Holiday 2012 issue.

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thorstein1807d ago

WTF! First Nintendo Power and Now PTOM. I actually like print, so I can read it while I pinch a loaf.

JoGam1807d ago

Digital baby. That's why so many people cellphones have so many germs on them.

thorstein1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Of course I have a cell and a nice comp setup, but I don't need to be plugged in all the time. Besides reading a print article can be much better as the latest Game Informer spent tons of space on in depth coverage of games something that isn't always translated to digital.

Oh, and I have good personal hygiene so I don't use my phone or tablet whilst I squeeze one out.

jony_dols1806d ago Show
ikkokucrisis1806d ago

That's fine, this mag had a really crappy editor anyways (in the closet Xbox fanboy).

I blame this mag's downfall all on him.

SilentNegotiator1806d ago

I don't mind digital if I don't have to be signed in to read it. However, that's usually the case.

knowyourstuff1806d ago

Print is dying, Newsweek is dead, print is going out the window never to return. Trees will thank the internet profusely in a few decades when print is gone and we can finally not feel guilty about not planting any trees ourselves.

SilentNegotiator1806d ago


Meanwhile, burning fuels will destroy our atmosphere and nuclear waste will pile high with no where to safely store it in a world of rapid population growth.

knowyourstuff1806d ago

lol @ the turd in the punchbowl, replying to a comment I never made ^

That's right, I clearly said digital media will completely restore all of our environmental issues. Maybe he should've lived up to his username and just remained silent lmao.

optimus1806d ago

@knowyourstuff...evidently sarcasm is unfamiliar ground to you.

Old McGroin1806d ago

@ SilentNegotiator

That is a highly unsettling statement. True of course, and that's what makes it so unsettling.

On topic, always sad to see another mag turn it's final page, I've always preferred magazines to digital. Reading off a screen for an hour or so tends to burn my retinas!

SilentNegotiator1806d ago


The point is that the trees won't have anyone to thank because we'll be too busy creating more electricity to fuel those electronics. Some environmentalists don't realize that their electric cars don't run on magic.

Anyway, just saying. Sorry if I came off too accusative. But I think we'll need to plant more trees regardless.

knowyourstuff1806d ago

@ Optimus
Evidently intelligence is unfamiliar ground to you, as he clearly stated in his third point it wasn't sarcasm.

@ Should've-stayed-silent
Destroying trees is going to have a way worse affect on our atmosphere than me talking on my cell phone or using my laptop to read rather than print media. The future I was projecting was one without any print whatsoever, completely digital, thus no more trees to destroy.

HappyGaming1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

@SilentNegotiator you have no argument I am sure online distribution is a lot more environmentally friendly then cutting down trees transporting them and chopping them and grinding them and printing on them then polishing them and posting them to every single newsagent around the country and then collecting them from bins in trucks that start and stop every 5 meters and then burying or recycling them all of which is done with petrol and electricity from non renewable resources. Not to mention all the people that have to breath in and out during the labour hours which creates carbon dioxide!

Uploading a magazine and sending a few hundred gigabytes over the net and then running some processors to play them back is a lot more efficient.

Edit: And on top I see you are complaining about having to log in to view the material, I am sure it is easier then going to a store to buy it :P Excluding the fact you only have to type it once and let your browser remember it.

optimus1805d ago

@knowyourstuff... Evidently math is unfamiliar ground to you as well. look at the time stamp, Einstein... (and he dares to go by "knowyourstuff", oh the irony.)

SilentNegotiator1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )


I really don't know why you take such offense. I even apologized on the off-chance that my first comment was too accusative. But pollution creates bad conditions for plant life. Trees are renewable. They may grow slowly, but with proper planning and rotation, we could save a lot of pollution by going the paper route for certain types of reads (books, magazines, etc; but probably not with daily news) than by relying on using electronics for all of our reading. Now, instead of mocking a username that is ALREADY purposely ironic, why don't you have a reasonable discussion?

"And on top I see you are complaining about having to log in to view the material, I am sure it is easier then going to a store to buy it :P Excluding the fact you only have to type it once and let your browser remember it"
No, the difficult part is when you're not somewhere with wifi and you can't read it at ALL.

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chukamachine1807d ago

pinch it while reading it on a mobile etc:)

Nimblest-Assassin1807d ago

"Wow, first Nintendo Power shuts down, now this? One more idea that Sony stole from Nintendo I guess, lol. Where will people get their super biased information about consoles and their games now?"

Even though future owns both PTOM and nintendo power... my guess is xbox magazine will be discontinued soon as well

Meaning GI will be running a monopoly on magazines...

LOGICWINS1807d ago

Good riddance. I gt more up to date gaming info surfing N4G for two minutes than reading PTOM.

FunAndGun1807d ago

I agree, If they wanted to stay relevant they should have had more exclusive news, information, and screenshots.

The issue that featured GoW: Ascension had no new information or screenshots that we haven't seen online already.

whats the point.

DeadlyFire1806d ago

Internet has become the bleeding edge.

There is no way a magazine can come close to that anymore.

ShinMaster1806d ago

N4G never provided me with cool posters.

Phoenix_GenmaKen1807d ago

who needs magazine when u have the internet ?
truth hurts but thats the reason

more will close,this is just the start.
everything will be digital

books will disapear too...its a matter of time.

UnwanteDreamz1806d ago

I hope I never see the day.

Only an idiot would see books disappearing as good. Hey Nostradumass guess what else wont be around forever? Internet, affordable food, affordable power. Peak Oil and overpopulation will have their day.

dredgewalker1806d ago

Books will not disappear because unlike most magazines they store more relevant information that provides easier access and does not need power in order to be read. Books can last hundreds of years while I don't know if electronic data will be able to survive that long considering the lifespan of most devices like hard drives :) Please educate yourself better before spewing off more nonsense.

KwietStorm1807d ago

Pinch a loaf. What exactly does that mean?

thorstein1807d ago

Lulz.... when you are sitting on the toilet and need to "drop the kids at the pool."

GamerElite1807d ago

As it says...Pinch a loaf WHILE YOU READ. In the bathroom taking care of business

taquito1806d ago

taking the browns to the super bowl

Psycho_Mantis1806d ago

Dropping your load in the ocean.

PS-ADDICT1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Expelling Your Excremental Feces. Taking a Sh!T ,Doing Your Duty, Smearing Skid Marks, Chocolate Mud Babies, Dirty Sanchez, RockyRoad Highway, Dump, PooPing, Violent Extreme Diarriah, SplatterHouse, Anal Leakage ,Paying the Hooker, Feeding The Fishes, Rolling Stones

LostDjinn1806d ago

Maybe he's English and into stealing bread?
Who knows?

Sarcasm1806d ago

It's when you think a piece of bread is cute and you pinch it. Dur.

Nodoze1806d ago

It's the test you perform at the supermarket to ascertain the freshness of said bread.

By pinching the whole loaf you are easily able to determine the moisture content. This in turn provides information on the applicable 'freshness factor' of said food product.


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Dms20121807d ago

lol way to class up the place.

Gamer19821807d ago

Its because of the price. People used to buy this magazine at there extortionate price because it had the latest ps1 and ps2 demos on the front over. Nowadays there is a dvd disc YES DVD! with videos of the latest games. No playable demos any more and nothing worthwhile putting on the disc really that you cannot find on youtube. Yet they still charged the same price for the magazine. Of course people stopped buying it.

GTRrocker6661807d ago

Oddly enough, I am pinching a loaf right now... I love my Kindle Fire

True story

PS-ADDICT1806d ago

Tried to Pinch a Loaf at Von's when no one was looking to see if it was soft, oh it was... also squeezed the melons, and scratched the eggs, kicked the "fruit" it was a glorious day, it twaz

Monstar1806d ago

yeah we'll just cut MORE trees for your personal amusement.

Gaming Magazines are pointless in this day and age.

ravinash1806d ago

I like getting them when I'm heading off on a plane or train trip when I might not be able to connect to the internet.
But other than that, I hardly ever buy mags anymore.

badz1491806d ago

I quite enjoy the mag tbh and the posters are always a welcome addition! I have lots of game posters from the mag and here is where it excels imo.

but in this day and age where internet reign supreme, it's just a matter of time before everybody goes digital. I still think they should go with e-book style magazine and I think many will dig that! the same magazine, but digital, please!

Knight_Crawler1806d ago

WTF pinch a loaf? You must Irish.

jony_dols1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

A Patriots fan, eh? Maybe say that to Tom Brady's face and see where that gets you!

Old McGroin1806d ago

I'm Irish and I didn't know what pinching a loaf was. Jerk.

showtimefolks1806d ago

i guess this means gameinformer is next?

i like magazines but i guess everything is going digital now

Theangrybogan1806d ago

I pinched a loaf while reading your comment

Agent_00_Revan1806d ago

Thats where I keep my stack of mags. With 3 kids, the only private time I get is when I'm in there. I hang out for like 20 mins no matter what.

cannon88001806d ago

I also enjoy reading my magazines while I drop the kids off at the pool.

1806d ago
Liefx1806d ago

As someone who loves digital, I can respect the preference of print. Separate yourself from the digi world.

Run_bare1806d ago

tee hee, that make me smile, i do the same thing but these days i just use my samsung s3 while doing number 2.

Megaton1806d ago

You shouldn't read while you crap. That's how you get hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Get in and get out.

Totoro171806d ago

Awww reminds me of when was a kid and came home from school to find my issue of EGM in the mail. I'd be so excited that I'd have to poop...which is what I did whilst reading my fantastic, brand new EGM. Kids of the future will never know that feeling and it makes me sad.

stumpa1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

solution is just read political manifesto's whilst having a poo then when youre done you can wipe your arse with them i'd call that a win, win solution save a fortune on bog roll

Tapewurm1806d ago

It ended for these official mags when they stopped including the disc for me. I always enjoyed getting the demos, videos, and occasional DLC thrown in and was really looking forward to them doing it on bluray with the new Playstation Mag.....subscribed for the first disc no renewal. And I do like having the print to read occasionally...still get the Game Informer Rag, but it never originally came with a there lol

Trunkz Jr1806d ago

News online is free, it's only going to get worse.

cee7731806d ago

Thanks n4g it's partially your fault lol

TheTwelve1806d ago

LOLOLOL Thorstein you're killing me.

Anyway, another casualty caused by the internet.

On the plus side, more trees kept alive now.


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Dlacy13g1807d ago

Print is dying...this will not be the last magazine to go belly up. I suspect all major gaming mags will shift 100% online and ditch the printed page in the coming 2yrs or sooner.

iamnsuperman1807d ago

I am surprised this hasn't happened sooner. It is inevitable really

ALLWRONG1806d ago

"Print is dying" not yet for OXM and Game Informer

Swiggins1806d ago

Considering how much Game Informer pushes it's online alternative, I'd bet money it'll be all digital by this time next year.

SkyGamer1806d ago

Game Informer is going digital. Ask any Gamestop employee. I believe this will be the last year for print Game Informer.

ALLWRONG1806d ago

You guys miss the "not yet" part?

jd6661807d ago

£5.99 for stuff u can read online for free and old game demos! I stopped buying it yrs ago!

just_looken1807d ago

its not free you half to pay for internet yes you can hijack and get free internet but they will find your ass eventually. Still though if we go 100% digital they can charge us online above our internet bills.

Blastoise1807d ago

It was a rip-off. Like all gaming magazines these days.

But its still kinda sad in a way...

dkgshiz1807d ago

Not surprised. Nobody reads these anymore with the internet. Plus all they had were ads with maybe 20+ pages of horribly written articles. No thanks.

Welshy1807d ago

Huh? printed gaming journalism, always was and as long as it remains, be higher quality than internet sources (for the most part anyway).

Who would you believe? a company who invest money into researching sources and professional editing staff to keep written standards high, or some nerd who bought the URL and blows a BS hi