Buy the COD: Black Ops Declassified PS Vita Bundle at GAME, Get FIFA & Need for Speed Free

Starting next week at GAME in the UK, there will be a great deal waiting for anyone who decides that they want to pick up the Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified PlayStation Vita System Bundle for £229.99.

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doctorstrange2022d ago

Who needs a price cut when you've got bundles like this?

guitarded772021d ago

Yeah, that's a pretty sweet deal, especially for the Euro gamers since they love them some FIFA.

GribbleGrunger2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

It's going to be interesting to see what effect this has. The COD bundle was expected to be a system seller, but with it also now having two additional games, it could sell to those who are looking for value for money as well as those that are COD fans.

The overall battle ground has now come into sharp focus for this Christmas: Microsoft (America) and Sony (Europe). With Nintendo's inevitable dominance in all territories, it will be about keeping your head above the water for both Microsoft and Sony. Both companies must know that they are NOT going to dominate in the same way they have in the past, so they'll want a reasonably good momentum going into next year when WiiU sales stabilise and we see the average weekly sales figures.

2013 could see a see-sawing of sales for all three consoles as they vie for the two markets available: Those that want a next gen machine and those that want value for money. Exclusives are going to play a part like never before (at least for Microsoft and Sony) and whoever can inspire continued support could run a close second to Nintendo with the company that can't, possibly falling off drastically.

This is probably going to be one of the most fascinating Christmases for years.

andibandit2021d ago

Im guessing Sony is worried now that AC:Liberation got mixed reviews, that the AC:L bundle didn't sell as well as hoped. So now they are trying to regain some of the expected sales.

tubers2021d ago

I do! I'd rather get a different bundle or gift cards.

Cam9772021d ago

Not me because I got my Vita amazingly cheap anyway.

Paul_Murphy2021d ago

It's a great deal, will be more interesting to see how many they actually have available in store, as apprenetly their recent £229 bundle offer went out of stock quite quickly.

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nikrel2021d ago

I have my doubts for Declassified.

Raccoon2021d ago

Doubting everything is my way of life. Hype has never done me any good.....

tubers2021d ago

To uplift you by an inch:

Much better than the trailer IMO.

To ground you by half an inch:

The video quality tends to cover blemishes such as texture quality and perceived jaggies.. just like how NFS VITA mugged videos did IMO.

Cam9772021d ago

Look at proper gameplay and not the old, outdated trailer - it looks fantastic!

ToyTvHD2021d ago

why havent you seen the gameplay looks perty good for a vita game and graphics are comparable to the ps3 looks amazing to me

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teedogg802021d ago

Now that's a damn good bundle. People you had better jump on this deal. Great time to be a Vita owner.

objdadon2021d ago

I have my doubts for Declassified too but after seeing a little actual gameplay it actually looks like cod on the vita and that to me is not a bad thing!