Halo 4: Infinity Multiplayer Unlock Guide

This is GamesBeat’s Halo 4 Multiplayer Unlock Guide. We’re not about to try and tell you which loadout configurations to use or the best way to rack up kills in matchmaking — that’s up to you and your preferred style. This guide simply provides information on what equipment and special abilities are available to you, what they do, and when you’ll get them.

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DV_Bastian1991d ago

The helmet in that image is slick.

deantak1991d ago

I got a ways to go to get through all this. Level 2 right now.

Summons751991d ago

This was actually helpful. No idea what the specializations were or how to unlock them. All it says in the game is that I need to complete one to unlock but doesn't specify how. Amazing game, first game since halo 2 that had made me want to keep playing multiplayer after 5 matches.