Journey – how jumping can be emotional

EDGE - Did you cry at any point while playing Journey? If so, you’re not alone. Upon the game’s release, I noticed several testimonials cross my Twitter feed of people who claimed to be moved to tears by Thatgamecompany’s latest project. But why? The game has gorgeous stylised artwork. Then again, so did Wind Waker. And as sublimely fun as Nintendo’s cel-shaded Zelda may be, it doesn’t put a lump in your throat.

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JoGam1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Yes the jumping is great but it's more to it than that. For me just reading this article makes me want to go home and play it again. This is a beautiful game and I'm not surprised it made people emotional. It actually tells the tale of a lot of our struggles in life. People can relate to Journey. This is my PSN Game of Year.

OllieBoy1843d ago

Amazing article. I'm going to replay Journey now :)

Fullmetalevolust1843d ago

I have played it three times, and I got emotional every time, perhaps the reason I stayed away from it for a bit cause you get invested into it and you have to play it til the end. I must say it has been the most rewarding game I've played in a while and the ending brings tears of joy and sheer excitement.

Getowned1843d ago

I really need to play this game, is it really that good ?

Hicken1843d ago

Yes, yes it is. It's the only game of its kind, and is an amazing experience.

knifefight1842d ago

This game did more in 2 hours what other games try (and fail) to do for 80 hours.

Yes. Yes, get this game. It's only a $15 download on PSN -or- if you prefer physical media, you can get the Collector's Edition disc (includes Flower!) for $30.

hellvaguy1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Emo jumping. *Slits wrists* proceeds to jumping.

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