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Microsoft: Kinect Sells 20 Million Units

Matt Barlow, the general manager of product marketing at Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, in an interview with GamesIndustry International has announced that its hand-free controller, the Kinect, has shipped 20 million units worldwide. (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

Credit url: gamesindustry.biz
Abash  +   525d ago
Werent the sales at 18 million last holiday season? The sales for it have slowed down immensely, hopefully this shows that the audience has no interest in such peripherals
Godmars290  +   525d ago
Never underestimate PR spin.
darthv72  +   525d ago
the hard part about any add-on is...
it will always be reflected on as an afterthought. it happened with sega cd and 32x and has happened with move and kinect.

Basically, if it doesnt come with the unit from the beginning, it doesnt get looked on as something the consumer will likely get later.

UNLESS they had the intention to get one regardless. So now all new systems sold with kinect i would think are selling better than the kinect by itself.

At least that way you know you are getting a system and kinect that are designed to work with each other out of the box. There are still many of us older gen 360 users that have yet to buy into it because of the price and the possibility that if after getting one, our systems will die.

Yeah, i have that thought now and then.
Godmars290  +   525d ago
The Sega add-ons were attempt to extend the system's life. Failed because they were too specific. Move and Kinect were attempts to copy the Wii. One though semi-useful with its own and adapted games is generally dismissed, while the other has been promoted as a lifestyle with a half billion dollar ad campaign behind it. Its a decent remote but many of its games just don't work.

All that aside I was offhandedly commenting about Abash pointing out that after a year of reporting Kinect as a success with 18 million sales in its first year, some PR shill is going to try and tout 2 million sold a year later as a success and not a sales stall.

And what was that about thinking?
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ItsTrue  +   525d ago
Can someone actually tell me what PR stands for??
zebramocha  +   525d ago
@its pr stands for public relations.
darthv72  +   525d ago
yeah i dig what you're saying god...
but wouldnt kinect and move be consider a way to extend both platforms as well? Granted they are simply trying to capitalize on the wii craze but still the idea is there.

To branch out and grab a portion of the market that people ignored. The segs cd example was an extension to the platform but it wasnt so much a change in the way things were played. It was essentially a 2ndary platform within the primary.

kinect and move were after the facts as neither were a primary focus when the platforms launched. Now that will likely change this next time around with more move integration and more kinect integration.

But just as saturn became segas disc only platform on the heals of the sega cd...everything has to start somewhere.
dedicatedtogamers  +   525d ago
The thing I want to see (but the info is never available) is I want to know how many STAND-ALONE Kinect units sold compared to units that were sold with a system bundle (i.e sold to a soccer mom for the holidays).

THAT would be interesting to see. I imagine the numbers would be incredibly lopsided.
Megaton  +   525d ago
Its sales practically halted after launch holiday. Evidence of what many had suspected; channel stuffing.
cgoodno  +   525d ago
Pretty much. They've sold about 3m in the last year. I think that's indicative of what people want out of the 360. I think software sales over the last year have also spoken well enough as to the overall desire of Kinect games.
camel_toad  +   525d ago
That's 20 million mistakes and that includes mine.
CyberCam  +   525d ago
And with M$'s new patent, they can spy on 20 million people that made the mistake of inviting M$ into there homes to watch them in front of their TV's.

Good Luck with that!
camel_toad  +   524d ago

Microsoft likes to watch.
testerg35  +   525d ago
So selling almost to 1/3 the user base is not good? Interesting...
camel_toad  +   525d ago
I didn't say they had poor sales. I was implying that buying one was a mistake that I also made myself.
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Blankman85  +   525d ago
Quite the slow down indeed, then again Kinect has a proven record of selling crazy numbers over the holidays.
NYC_Gamer  +   525d ago
The slow down is because there isn't much quality software
guitarded77  +   525d ago
I don't know who disagreed with you, but they must have some mental issue. Unfortunately, there isn't much quality software for Kinect. My wife and her friends like the Dance Central titles, which are good in quality, and she likes the Zumba games for working out. I enjoyed The Haunt, Child of Eden (which I ended up just playing with a controller for the most part) and portions of Star Wars Kinect. Kinect Sports games are okay, and I still want to play Fable The Journey when I get some time and the game on the cheap... but for as long as Kinect has been out, there are few games worth playing. If it was just more accurate, I think more developers would make games for it. One problem is the accuracy makes many games a technical mess at times, making review scores plummet and less reason to invest in new software.
edonus  +   525d ago
I would beg to to differ. Kinect has plenty of good software, the major question anyone needs to ask them self is do you want to play kinect.

What I have seenand learned is most people never wanted to play a game full body motion control so when they use kinect they dont really like it because they dont really want to play it.

I have enjoyed lots of kinect games out there but I am a true gamer. I play everything and try to master all of them. From the most popular FPS to artistic indie games even some old school joints here and there for nostalgia.

If you switch to a controller instaed of using kinect you pretty much missed the point of a game like Child of Eden. It wasnt about being as good or better than a controller but learning the organic feel, and fluency of the controls.

The whole accuracy thing is a co out that people have been hanging onto since launch. Its not even a real issue. The real issue devs are having is the processing power kinect takes from the 360. Its too complex to go into of what is actually happening as opposed to the BS that have come out about kinect.

Fable the Journey is really cool as well.

And 20 million in not even a full 2yrs is excellent.
greenpowerz  +   525d ago
The price was almost the price of the 4gig console and half of the prem model. Kinect cost $150 far too long hense the most recent drop in price. I see PS3 fans in here attacking Kinect but won't give PS Vita the same logic.

As for the $99 xbox payment plan MSFT won't do a real drop(don't have to) so this is the next best thing besides the retail drop perhaps testing this plan out for the possible expensive xbox 720(Kinect is seen as over pricedby consumers for what it is despite it actually being worth more than we're being charged based on tech and R&D)

That is still alot of Kinects, install base ratio wise.

I see people in here talking about a number that always seems to be the same just like the numbers Sony releases for PS3.
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HappyTrigger  +   525d ago
All this talk about slow down and I can't help but feel surprised that the Kinect even managed to sell 20 million units.
BLAKHOODe  +   525d ago
Kinect killed Xbox for me. I use to play every single day, while my PS3 collected dust, but they kept pushing Kinect integration.. so, I play a lot of PS3 now and my Xbox collects the dust.
TheKayle  +   525d ago
wow 1/3 of xbox users get a kinect is just incredible
DigitalRaptor  +   524d ago
I doubt most of those were from existing 360 owners.

Kinect was bundled with 360 consoles and has sold incredibly during the holiday season each year it's been on sale.

Soccer moms and casuals love this sh*t, as long as it's popular. It will be interesting to see how the Kinect will fair by comparison next gen, and I wonder if Microsoft will be able to match the initial hype of "you are the controller".
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Yodagamer  +   525d ago
Heck i bought one just because they didn't sell the r2-d2 one separate XD, the kinect is in the box still
rezzah  +   525d ago
Trade it in for your next console, might help reduce the price.
mcstorm  +   525d ago
I think ms will be happy with this number as the core has not really got to grips with kinect but it has done the job it was created for and thats to open the door to the xbox name being a console for everyone.

Im looking forward to seeing what they do with the next xbox and kinect 2 as i think the next xbox will be designed around kinect and it will have its own processor in it and a higher rez camera so more can be done with the core games as well as the none core games.
kma2k  +   525d ago
While i will admit i feel both my kinect & my ps move were a waste of money i will say i have gotten a lot more use out of my kinect. Granted very frustrating use but more use all the same lol
Jek_Porkins  +   525d ago
Even though its slowed down, 20 million is still a huge number for just two years on the market. It could potentially sell very well on Black Friday as well, it has had some okay games release this year. If they bundled it right it could do some decent numbers.

I definitely don't think it is for everyone, but I can see an audience for it, same with Wii and Move. Its really all options, and the more options there are, the better something like a game console has at selling to a broader group of people.
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Zha1tan  +   525d ago
Its marketed very well as being a must have gadget for the average family home but its severely limited in scope compared to what it could do.

I just find it to have nothing appealing at all besides a few childish gimmick games (kinectimals) and other such products which are of very little quality.

Maybe people are starting to see it is just another gimmick.
CommonSenseGamer  +   525d ago
Maybe its aimed at family entertainment. I don't recall it ever being aimed at a more mature gaming audience. I actually like Kinect and some of the family game nights it has resulted in. Can't beat the joy I experince watching my 3 year old playing fruit ninja. Kinect is about having fun and to that extent it does remarkably well.
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josephayal  +   525d ago
Kinect Worth Every Penny , its hilarious and very fun to play
Microsoft KINECT: definition of printing money
ALLWRONG  +   525d ago
More than I thought
Belking  +   525d ago
Kinect has been awesome for me. I'm looking forward to the next one.
SOULJER  +   525d ago
They can Kinect these nuts to there face. I got that thing as a gift, and it sucked. MInd you i'm no longer friends with that person. Now I use kinect as a door stopper. It does that better than playing games.
Belking  +   525d ago
"I got that thing as a gift, and it sucked"

Sure you did.
from the beach  +   524d ago
Just wish all 20 million had played Child of Eden and Steel Battalion!

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