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A Big, Leaked Update About The Next Game From The Halo-Makers At Bungie. Plus: More Gaming Secrets.

Kotaku - Three weeks ago, a job opening appeared for a Vancouver-based senior online systems programmer for Bungie's technically-still-unannounced new franchise Destiny. While the studio is unnamed, it is presumably the satellite Vancouver office of Demonware, which handles the online infrastructure for Activision's titles and also lists Bungie as one of the firm's partners on its website. (Bungie, Next-Gen)

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-Mezzo-  +   527d ago
Cannot wait to see what Bungie is upto.
GraveLord  +   527d ago
"Additionally, the Demonware posting mentions that a preference for PS3 experience for applicants, seemingly implying a PS3 SKU for the game is indeed in developmentā€”something that was not necessarily a given in the contract."

Good news. Remember in the contracts that they would only develop a PS3 version if it was "financially viable". I guess it is, and the game is making good progress.
DOMination-  +   527d ago
I imagine it'll be next gen now anyway? Im sure Playstation will get this but i hear it might be timed exclusive for a bit
FPStealthRPGamer  +   527d ago
Yes.According to the leaked document it will come first to 360 and Next-Box in late 2013 and on PS3 in 2014(Not PS4)

From the contract:
-Destiny 1 releases Fall 2013 on Xbox 360 and Xbox 720.
-Destiny 1 releases Fall 2014 on PlayStation 3 at the same time as Comet 1 on Xbox 360 and Xbox 720.
-Destiny 2 releases Fall 2015 on Xbox 360, Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, and PC.
MikeMyers  +   527d ago
There are rumors Destiny will be timed exclusive from a deal with Microsoft.

DemonWare was used on the PS3 for Call of Duty


Microsoft usually handles the servers for 3rd party publishers. Electronic Arts are one of the few exceptions and would not support Xbox Live unless they could control their own servers.
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Dms2012  +   527d ago
More pictures, less words.

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