Microsoft applies for pay-per-viewer patent

Proposed tech would let consoles control how many people could watch each movie, or enforce age restrictions

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GraveLord1963d ago

"Originally filed in April 2011, the application describes a system where cameras on a TV, cell phone, or other display identify how many people are watching content on screen, and check to make sure that the user's license for that content covers that many viewers. If it doesn't, the game or movie in question could be halted and the user prompted to purchase more licenses before resuming. "

Not good....

StrongMan1963d ago

That sounds like something MS would do, yet their faithfuls will defend it.

darthv721963d ago

Im sure every other company would want to make sure they are getting compensated accordingly. This would be no different than buying tickets to a movie. You buy 3 then 3 people can watch.

The ironic part is MS isnt really a content provider. All of their contracted affiliates are. sony on the other hand IS a content provider and would most likely be on the same side as MS in this situation.

by content provider i mean they actually develop and produce movies and tv shows. Not just a service to deliver them.

ItsTrue1963d ago

I'm not going to defend that!

HammadTheBeast1963d ago

No it's a great idea. This way people that come to my house can't leach off me. /Sarcasm Overload.

Muffins12231963d ago

Did you buy the ps3 on launch day?Cause if you did they ripped you off

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-Mika-1963d ago

It just an idea. It doesn't mean they're going to actually implement it. Stop being so negative.

vitullo311963d ago

The idea is preposterous

dedicatedtogamers1963d ago

This, in conjunction with Microsoft's recent ban of player-made "paid" content (in the form of videos) does not bode well for the Microsoft faithful. Then again, the "Microsoft faithful" usually only stay faithful for about 10 years or less until they jump onto another platform (I've seen it time and time again on PC).

I very much doubt they would implement it. HOWEVER, it would allow Microsoft to begin bargaining with movie studios (many of which are owned by Sony).

Think of it this way:

"Hey Universal, how about putting your movies exclusively on our Live streaming service?"

"Uh, no way, Microsoft"

"Why not?"

"There's too much money to be made on other platforms"

"Okay, Universal, but how about THIS? How about we charge for a movie stream PER VIEWER?"

"Per VIEWER? That sounds incredible. How could you do that?"

*Cue Kinect camera*

dedicatedtogamers1963d ago

If you really think about it, Microsoft already does this with games: Xbox Live accounts. If you're at your friend's house and he has a 360 and a paid Gold account, you still have to log in with your own paid Gold account if you both want to jump online, even if it's on the same console. Am I wrong?

eferreira1963d ago

yup basically if you buy a new game and do not have live gold. You only get half the game (assuming there is multiplayer) but yet everyone poops on capcom for disc dlc.

mcstorm1963d ago

No you can log in as a guest under that user.

dedicatedtogamers1963d ago

@ Mcstorm

Thanks. I didn't know that. I remember having to log in on a buddy's Live account to play with another buddy online on the same console, but maybe he just wanted the Achievements or something (?)

adorie1963d ago

"better with kinect"

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Snookies121963d ago

That is the most garbage thing I've ever heard... I know it probably won't be used, but if it ever is, I will never support a console/phone/whatever with this tech.

Godmars2901963d ago

Sounds like something like this would make Kinect required.

Blankman851963d ago

Loooooool! Microsoft, whatever weed you're smoking, you need to get off of. Fast.
They are crazy! My living room is not a theatre, I'm not about to pay per person watching for jack!
Lol can you imagine watching a movie, its getting really intense and someone walks in and the darn thing refuses to continue? Better yet, hiding people behind your couch and they have to watch from beyond the camera's scope cause you only paid for 1. Lol. Fail Microsoft. Epic proportions fail.

Hicken1963d ago

I'm amazed you're not supporting this, frankly. This is the first time I've seen you say something MS was doing(or thinking of doing, in this case) was stupid.

And it IS stupid.

BitbyDeath1963d ago

Good thing Microsoft don't make TV's.
This sounds like the worst idea ever.

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