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Hawken dev: We haven't ruled out a console version

When questioned on a possible console version of Hawken, Hughes said, "We haven't ruled it out that's for sure, by that I mean obviously we've discussed what potential Hawken has, but right now all our focus is very much on the PC version." (Hawken, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Dlacy13g  +   908d ago
Of course they haven't....there is money to be made and the console makers are coming around on free to play. Next gen version is almost a lock.
Qrphe  +   908d ago
That'd be great for them! I'm already getting the PC version and there are plenty of players to keep the game alive for a long time!
jujubee88  +   908d ago
They where already going to put it on Gaikai.

It's the same thing. When Gaikai launches on Playstation platforms (PS3, Bravia smart TV's, VITA, etc) just put it on there.

I would love to play this on my VITA!
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Tsar4ever  +   908d ago
Don't bring it out on THIS GEN consoles, The graphics would be too LAX. Wait and put it out as a nextgen multiplat LAUNCH TITLE.
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Nodoze  +   907d ago
This game looks awesome!

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