Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Limited Edition) [Xbox 360] Review | DigitalNoob

DigitalNoob's Chad Bonin reviews Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Limited Edition) on the Xbox 360.

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Spenok1843d ago

I personally disagree with these 7-7.5's. I am having a blast with this game. And highly suggest it.

morkendo231843d ago

haaaa,haaaa LITTLE BIG PLANT KARTING better than this shee-it!!!

lovely2die41843d ago

I'm glad your having fun with the game Spenok!

ECM0NEY1843d ago

Good game, but over way to quickly...

xBASED_CONDUITx1842d ago

i stopped buying need for speed games years ago dont waste your $$$$

Pintheshadows1842d ago

How would you know you're wasting your money on NFS if you haven't purchasedone of the games in years?

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