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Ubisoft: Our future games are co-developed for current and next-gen

CVG:Ubisoft is developing key games for current and next gen consoles simultaneously, the publisher's chief executive said this afternoon. (Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Ubisoft, Wii U, Xbox 360)

camel_toad  +   623d ago
Hopefully they're using some scaling technology otherwise the next gen counterparts may get the $*#t end of the deal.
Conzul  +   623d ago
Great! Then I can hold off on Watch Dogs till next gen and enjoy it the way it should be played =D
Eldyraen  +   623d ago
All of the big new engines like to spout out "scalability" so it shouldn't be too much of a worry. Most, if not all, also seem to be finally mentioning dx11 and tessellation as well so I have high hopes that it could finally become a focus next gen.

There's always hope anyways as its a "simple" but substantial toggled difference in tech demos.
jay2  +   623d ago
So no Beyond good and evil 2 then.
even when next gen comes they will hold back pc for new old tech and hold back new old tech for old old tech? :(
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vortis  +   623d ago
Best description of this conundrum I've seen.
Eldyraen  +   623d ago
Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

The main thing that keeps my hopes up after hearing this is that more and more new engines are very scalable. Battlefield 3 for example is a great one as there is a huge difference in visuals, player count, etc between consoles and PC. Next gen machines should be capable of or near that level (or so I hope) and with even more scalable next gen engines it should only get better.

The main worry is that pc progression will slow down again for a while. There will of course be some games that are true "next gen" even in the first few years but until the new consoles have an adequate market it's less likely that publishers and developers are going to make the "jump right in" like some did for the Xbox 360 (many of which didn't pan out well financially).

Still, I don't mind more high res textures as "standard" for PC version.
vickers500  +   623d ago
Watch Dogs ps4/720 hopefully
Thefreeman012  +   623d ago
Really looking forward to that , on that note I hope there will be some fresh and entertaining IPs for the next gen. As of late this gen games have felt very stale, even the games that are just coming out.
DeadlyFire  +   623d ago
Apparently WiiU,PC and current gen too.
Eldyraen  +   623d ago
A bit disappointing but not totally unexpected--depending on just what type of tech the next gen will allow it might not be as bad as I fear though.

If for example the rumor of dx11 is possible on next gen hardware is true then tessellation might just take off and be a huge difference between this and next gen's games (and more so for pc). Unigine's heaven tech demo from years ago for example is a great testament for the power of tessellation that has yet to be realized fully. Tessellation alone makes for a huge difference and a toggle of on/off for this and lnext gen would be as "simple" as it is for the few games that have it now.

Even if tessellation isn't available the "easy" upgrades could still be substantial: much higher resolution textures (2-4k res), larger and/or smoother multiplayer (console especially true), better AI/physics/lighting/shadows among all the other numerous benefits (for consoles specifically resolution and AA will be huge for clearer/crisper images).

PC might be "held back" a little due to slower focus on new tech but it'll still be better than today as many PC versions are in many ways still "behind" when it comes to what today's most modern pcs are capable of (some of which are still little more than direct ports where only difference is resolution and AA). Still a rise in the "lowest common denominator" and a larger market capable of high quality visuals won't be a bad thing.
Conzul  +   623d ago
Next Gen BETTER have tessellation. PC has had it for ages by now. Watch Dogs looks slightly tessellated anyway.
Eldyraen  +   623d ago
Yeah, I love all the tech demos shown over the years and in all that time only a handful of actual games seem to have it available. DX11 is doing better than 10 but its still barely supported.
cannon8800  +   623d ago
Tessellation is the most popular feature in Direct x 11.0, so they better have it in the new consoles because it makes games look so much better.

hard joe  +   623d ago
bring on next gen console, sony and microsoft!
jamstorr86  +   622d ago
Catering to next gen is easy as all they have to do is produce games that cater to current spec PCs. Really, a current PC rig of around £600-700 is what we can expect, if not more, in a next gen console.

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