Five Games That Need Some Zombie Or Vampire DLC | Ron's five games that need the brain eaters, or uh, well you know zombies. Let's bring some zombie mods or DLC add-ons to these five killer games.

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bentarrant1992d ago

Really cool concept! I agree with the Assassins creed idea, I would buy that DLC in an instant! Might even be worth popping an email to Ubisoft ha.

cmurdurr1992d ago

AC3 could benefit from some zombies...Revolutionary war era zombies, red dead-style. Love it.

jetpacksheep1992d ago

Great ideas, Imagine chucking zombies in need for speed, mow down as many as you can, upgrade your car with various contraptions and have a burnout style slow-mo moment when you get a really good hit.

TronEOL1992d ago

AC3 Zombies, I'm ALL for that. It worked incredibly well in Red Dead Redemption, and I think it'd be amazing in a game like Assassin's Creed 3.

Or any open game for that matter, or game with fantastic animations.