PlayStation 3 'Freeview' - details revealed

As PlayStation 3 users eagerly await the arrival of the console's PlayTV freeview accessory, an online report has revealed more details of the device and its functionality.

The add-on unit, which is due for release this year, will connect to the PlayStation 3's USB port and features an aerial socket at the rear. Once running, the device promises an electronic programme guide and a 'well-designed menu system'.

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Rama262853690d ago

All these details were revealed ages ago, there is nothing new here.

Does JamieSI even check the stuff he approves? lol

mighty_douche3690d ago

im gonna go out on a limb and say..... NO.

Lifendz3689d ago

Sony's console is by far the most sleek and impressive to look at. Sony's name is synomous with all forms of media. Why in the world aren't they utilizing this on PS3? They could have music downloads, movie downloads, tv shows (and with a standard hdd most of us have room for all this media). Forget Playtv, I want an improved PSN. I know I know...HOme. Home is cool but why wait to release all this at once. Let's get PSN to be what it be.

MURKERR3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

hasnt a hope in hell

it came 1st, unchallenged enjoyed its success but people are now seing the clearer picture that it was nothing more than a cheap constructed console not well thought out.

play tv will be copied by microsoft

ps3 is behind youuu


Cwalat3690d ago

i only connect it threw PS3 and it will automaticilly pick up signals from different channels ? or do i need antenna ? or digital box ?

mighty_douche3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Basically you set it up like anyother Freeview (digi) box, cable from your arial goies into it, usb from it to your PS3 and thats it, done.

So yes it will auto detect the channels available to you, its kind of like sky+ freeview.

Oh, incase you have any other questions heres a fantastic website that should answer them all...

dale13690d ago

its a nice feature unlike the 360 version that wont record, rewind,or pause

DolphGB3690d ago

The author says that MS is planning a 'freeview' service too, but this is incorrect.

MS is launching a link to BT Vision, which is a subscriber service in the UK. Freeview is - erm - free.

So that'll be two free services on the PS3 (PlayTV, PSN) versus two subscriber services on the X360 (BT Vision, XBL). It shows a clear divide between the two company's business models.

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The story is too old to be commented.