‘Halo 4′ multiplayer servers currently having issues

Stick Skills: "No, you’re not the only one having issues when it comes to Halo 4‘s online multiplayer this afternoon"

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LX-General-Kaos1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Im guessing that it is due to high impact heavy traffic

For millions around the gaming world. The launch of a main Halo title is looked at as a national gaming holiday. I have personally witnessed many call in sick from work, skip school, and literally put priority aside for the day one Halo experience. Things look to be no different in this case.

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Shadonic1865d ago

even with the issues im still haveing a blast playing.

TekoIie1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

According to ten people you despise Halo 4 >:(

Still I have only played 7 matches and haven't experienced any problems so I must be lucky!

Besides why not play SP if you having issues? Seriously this game has a really good SP with a brilliant ending too :)

Munky1865d ago

You would think that 343/MS would of prepared for high volume.

Zha1tan1865d ago

trying to gauge the volume of players is an impossible task because you cant predict just how popular the game is going to be hence there being a lack of servers to help with the huge traffic numbers so they are going to add as they go so they do not waste money on resources.

Every game developer does it these days to save costs in maintaining and running online servers.

Muffins12231865d ago

You cant really...same thing happened to halo reach and 3 and the reach beta on launch day

badz1491865d ago

"trying to gauge the volume of players is an impossible task because you cant predict just how popular the game is going to be"

dude, you do realize that this is HALO, right? you're talking rubbish! the only thing bigger than Halo is CoD and on 360, Halo might be the bigger one plus, the pre-order numbers were huge and you're telling us they can't predict how it will be popular? c'mon!

the worst1865d ago

if your paying for online there should be no issues

pompombrum1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

It's funny that high traffic can have such an effect on the XBL servers, whatever happened to you get what you pay for? Seeing how xbl gamers pay a premium for mp features you get free on ps3 and pc, you'd expect the servers to be good enough to handle the traffic.

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ItsTrue1865d ago

That was pretty funny for some reason.

josephayal1865d ago

Everything is fine and there are no problems, $400 Million USD budget, 85 team-members spent 18 months working on Halo 4's multiplayer, there's nothing to worry about

wwm0nkey1865d ago

No, Microsoft is having server issues, its effecting a lot of things but mostly Halo 4 MP (mostly joining friends)

Knight_Crawler1865d ago

@JOse - they are having server issues due to millions of player logging in at once.

Ben_Grimm1865d ago

But of course, seriously...every single high profile multi player games has these "server issues".

You would think that these companies would take from past experiences and prep accordingly.

JohnApocalypse1865d ago

I'm having a problem where the game sets me to a default player and so I can't use any weapons or armour pieces I've unlocked or got from pre-ordering

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