CBS "Mark of the Ninja" review: Best stealth game on Xbox Live?

Klei Entertainment -- the studio behind such popular downloadable video games like "Eets," "N+," and "Shank" -- tries its hand at the stealth genre with "Mark of the Ninja." It tells a simple story that's interesting enough to keep you from skipping cut scenes, all the while, dripping with a slick shadowy atmosphere, but the real draw is the clever and fluid side-scrolling gameplay.

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Belking1839d ago

xbox live is the champion.

Hufandpuf1839d ago

I think you are worse than a virus.

Magic_Spatula1839d ago

I love this game. One of the best stealth games I've played in a while. Klei Entertainment has a great track record so far and I do hope that they keep it up.