Full Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Week Of November 6th, 2012

With Halo 4 out today and Xbox Live being dominated by it, the offerings this week on the Marketplace aren't as robust as last week. You'll still find a Forza Horizon car pack and demos for two upcoming releases though.

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BringingTheThunder1990d ago

i'll give the f1 demo a try. i doubt it will be good though

Relientk771990d ago

Cool theres an Epic Mickey 2 demo

TrendyGamers1990d ago

Hopefully it convinces a bunch of people to buy the game.

shodan741990d ago

That's definitely caught my interest.

TrendyGamers1990d ago

It's out the same day as the Wii U, so I hope it doesn't get overshadowed.

BootHammer1989d ago

What do you guys think about Epic Mickey 2?