Paper Mario: Sticker Star Review: The Worst Mario Game in Recent Memory (GameXplain)

GameXplain: "Our video review of Paper Mario: Sticker Star finds out how the game stacks up to Mario's previous RPG adventures. Is it as good as Paper Mario 64 or Thousand Year Door on GameCube, or does it fall short of even the Wii's Super Paper Mario? Is the new combat system a win, or does the lack of partners and leveling-up affect it? All this and more in our full video review!"

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BitnerdGX2026d ago

I...wasn't expecting that. Though I honestly was a little worried when I heard there was no experience points. At that point, why would you ever fight in an RPG-like game? I'm still interested enough to give it a rent though.

newsguy2026d ago

wow. that's pretty bad

Qrphe2026d ago

This is just a review guys. Regardless, best RPG Mario game is Legend of The Seven Stars (and it'll always be apparently).

ronin4life2026d ago

Thousand year Door!!!

Zechs342026d ago

I raise both of you and say Bowser's Inside Story is the best RPG Mario ever! :)

Tewi-Inaba2026d ago

That use of the same footage for 8 minutes really made this hard to watch.

Also that's some pretty disappointing news

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