No Halo 4 on PC

GameSpot: "Microsoft rep says new sci-fi shooter designed specifically for Xbox 360, no plans to port game to computer platform."

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NYC_Gamer1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

MS needs to keep some franchises as 360 only exclusives

paddystan1860d ago

Why? Do they have to few exclusives?

Blacktric1860d ago

"MICROSOFT REP says new sci-fi shooter designed specifically for Xbox 360, no plans to port game to computer platform"

They weren't going to go out and admit that a PC version is coming at some point if it's planned. The game came out just recently for God's sake. Although not huge, that kind of announcement would still have some impact on sales. Now, people who are interested will have to buy it for 360 and when PC version gets released some of them will get it too. It's a win-win for Microsoft.

Muffins12231860d ago

Well almost everyone has a 360 already and if they released halo on pc and brought by xbox live to pc and had cross gaming this would be great for them and this could compete against steam and ps3.....i see valve and Microsoft competing against each other in the next 5 years or so

Blacktric1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

"i see valve and Microsoft competing against each other in the next 5 years or so"

Microsoft covertly admits their defeat with the (almost non-existential in the eyes of consumers) fight against Steam and say they like the platform and don't compete with it and since they took too many risks while trying to enter new markets and barely got anything back (*cough* Zune *cough*), they give the signals to show that they're going to stick with doing what they know best (not really, but it sells). And then this happens;

"i see valve and Microsoft competing against each other in the next 5 years or so"



Not gonna happen. Go to bed.

badz1491860d ago

it will eventually be on Windows but hey, Halo 3 didn't make it, so who knows?

ambientFLIER1859d ago

Neither Halo 3, nor ODST, and not even Reach made it to it

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Jacobite1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Why would a PC gamer care lol,(only kidding) Don't get me wrong I enjoyed Halo on the Xbox, great console fps but nothing great to a PC gamer is it now :p

guitarded771860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Keep living in your "PC is teh best world... derp". You're the one who is missing out on a well rounded gaming experience. But playing PC supremacist is a game in itself isn't it?

On topic: Were there people expecting Halo 4 on PC?

Farsendor11860d ago

do you have a gaming pc?

CGI-Quality1860d ago

What if you own a high-end PC AND both the PS3/360? Who's missing out then? :P

OT: Wasn't expecting it, but I'd gladly buy it if it was released for the platform.

guitarded771860d ago

Yes, I own several PCs, I have a degree in computer science and it is essential that I own capable machines. I also own every available console. I'm not talking down PCs, but if you for one second think that a PC alone is going to give you everything you need as a gamer, then you have very low standards. For Jacobite to talk down Halo 4 because it's not on PC is nothing more than defensive posturing. You read into my comment what you want, but I have never said anything against gaming PCs, only against those who think they provide superior experiences to all other platforms.

Jacobite1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Lol only having fun, and I could play Halo 4 if I get my son off it long enough. But sometimes I wounder if Bungie developed this franchise with PC in mind then put it through Steam with Steamshop then I would be excited but sadly its not to be : ( oh by the way I 4 PCs and most consoles but not the degree in PC science though. So guitarded 77 if you are offended by my wee poke of fun I'm so really really really sorry and i'll go to my room and not play any games for a day or 2 friend again : )

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paddystan1860d ago

Im a PC gamer (I own all consoled though), and it would have been lovely to play Halo 4 on my PC.

Adexus1860d ago

Shame, would look amazing on a PC.

beerkeg1860d ago

Well consoles need their exclusives, so it's understandable really. It's the reason for having them.

pandehz1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

The reason for consoles is simplified accessibility not exclusives.

Exclusives are born in the minds of big businesses and that idea infects the gamers into thinking in this manner.

Games are for everyone.

CGI-Quality1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

So every game should be on every platform? What would be the point of multiple systems?

hano1860d ago

Oh no,
fuck my PC, I only bought it to play halo...

I'm throwing it out of the window now.

Seriously though, MS can't figure out how to tap into the PC market. They tried with Fable I guess but that didn't work. They have to try much much harder. They seem to want to support PC at the start of GFW and wanted to make it a second Xbox. Then they said screw that, then they came back and lol, that didn't work. Now they gave up again. So when all else fails Microsoft will think of something sinister like making Windows 8 hard to make games for unless you pay them something.

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