Roid Rage: Could Videogame Physique Be The Next Stop For Congress?

Via Ripten:

"A little TV background noise while working is usually harmless, but when the Roger Clemens Steroid Congressional Hearing plays through your mind as you admire newly released images of Street Fighter IV characters, bad things can happen."

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blu3print3655d ago

Don't know about the whole congress issue but it's a bit annoying that most characters you play as is some muscle bound freak, that's why I like games like Uncharted and others which you play as a 'normal' man and no jacked up soldiers.

I'm surprised they aren't on HAZE's case yet

mariusmal3655d ago

yeah one thing i liked about uncharted was that the guy was an averrage person, that helped gamers feeling a strong connection to nathan

wardrox3655d ago

Nice article, CCing to JT right away.

Twizlex3655d ago

Whatever happened to the good old days when people couldn't sue you for finding something you said offensive? Everything's gotta be politically correct. Everyone's gotta be protected from "bad things" and can't make their own decisions. People need to stop being such pussies and stop projecting their pussiness on other people..

miasma3655d ago

oh man, Twizlex, that gave me a good laugh, i love it! "stop projecting your pussiness on other people." I may have to put that on a bumper sticker, i have to work on that this weekend...

techie3655d ago

They're not muscley, they're fat.

Skerj3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Dude if they go after games for this then they'll have to go after comic books, fictional writing, movies, and pretty much every other form of entertainment. If your kid wants to be buff and (stupidly) starts using roids and goes on a crazy (awesome) roid rage where he starts taking doors off hinges and takes out a small squad of police, then that's your (totally sweet) problem.

Nostradavis3655d ago


That is the point. It is not the place of Congress to protect the children. Parents should teach them right from wrong.