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Is Halo 4 the best looking game on Xbox

Now that Halo 4 is in the wild proper, the question is asked: is Halo 4 the best looking game on Xbox and possibly on consoles. (Culture, Halo 4, Xbox 360)

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Hellsvacancy  +   773d ago
It maybe the best looking game on the 360, ive seen better on an other console though, back in 2011

I think Cyrsis 2, BulletStorm, Deus Ex 3 on the 360 look just as good as Halo 4
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Chitown71291  +   773d ago
Yea Halo 4 is beautiful man. To me its between Uncharted 3 ( Dont forget the sand in the desert, the plane scene , and the shipwreck parts of this game!) and Halo 4 for top games , graphics-wise this generation so far . Uncharted 3 = PS3's best so far. Halo 4= 360's best so far, is what I meant lol
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Pixel_Enemy  +   773d ago
HAHAHAHA just at the mention of Uncharted in a Halo article. Lol
Chitown71291  +   773d ago
Wasnt trying to start a war. Just saying Halo 4 is the best looking 360 title I have seen thus far. And that Uncharted 3 was the best Ive seen on the PS3 so far. And that they are both the best looking games on their respective consoles. Thats all
guitarded77  +   773d ago
The topic is best looking game on XBOX. no need to go comparing to PS3 exclusives. HALO 4 is the best looking game I've seen on XBOX so far... it really is beautiful. Crysis 2 would be a contender, but I think HALO 4 is far better looking than BulletStorm and Deus EX (which are both great games with great atmosphere). Forza would be another great looking game on XBOX.
Chitown71291  +   773d ago
Lmao im done. You guys just wanna argue
Nimblest-Assassin  +   773d ago
Wow @Pixel_enemy &guitarded
All he said was Halo 4 is the best looking game on xbox, and Uncharted 3 was the best looking game on PS3.

He never compared anything, he never said one is better than the other. He said both are good.

He never tried to start a war or anything, you guys are flipping sh*t for no reason
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ABizzel1  +   773d ago
Best looking Xbox games would be

Halo 4
Crysis 1 & 2
Gears of War 3
Forza 4 / Horizon
Battlefield 3 (with HD install)

There are others that could round out a top 10, but I think these games are the best the 360 has to offer graphically.
Chitown71291  +   773d ago
Thank you Nimblest-Assassin!
trenso1  +   772d ago
Not to say Halo 4 isn't a beautiful game, cause it does have amazing graphics, but we always get the kind of articles when the new Xbox exclusive comes out. Gears 3 was called "the best looking game on 360" and I still think it is, people flip their opinions way to often when it involves games. The media always wants to say x new Xbox is the best looking one the console yet. just wait till the next game come then it will be the best looking one. It's all about adding hype for these games, and the recent obsession of graphics. I still say gameplay > graphics, but still halo is a good game and good looking too. Enjoy happy gaming
gman_moose  +   772d ago
@everyone flipping out about UC3 comment, don't blame chitown, blame the title of this submission... "Now that Halo 4 is in the wild proper, the question is asked: is Halo 4 the best looking game on Xbox and *****possibly on consoles*****.

This brings PS3 into the discussion. Answer is obviously best looking game on 360? Maybe, best looking game on consoles? No.
lonesoul65  +   772d ago
its a hard comparison between uncharted and halo...your talking about something realistic in nature to something SiFi based...
Walker  +   773d ago
No it`s not, best looking game on xbox360 is Rage .
JellyJelly  +   773d ago
Haven't played Halo 4 yet so I can't tell. But Rage is definitely one of the best looking 360 games out there. Can't get my head around how they got it to run at 60 fps looking that awesome.
kma2k  +   773d ago
The best way to describe rage is Rage is Good from far but far from good. Get up close & look at stuff or better yet turn around real quick & look at something. The texture pop ins were one of the worst this gen!
ILive  +   773d ago
I think final fantasy 13-2 is the best looking game on the 360. Its followed by witcher 2, halo 4 then gears. Honorable contenders include rayman origin, final fantasy 13, and la noire. I would say resident evil six but there are alot of noticeable things holding it back.
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Trekster_Gamer  +   773d ago
Rage looks great in places and in other areas it looks crappy. I remember walking into a room and there was a microscope and it looked like a throwback to the n64 days I KID YOU NOT!

Halo is polished is so many more ways!!
Kurt Russell  +   773d ago
Rage was pretty... with it's baked textures and lack of dynamic shadows >.>
josephayal  +   773d ago
343 redefining first person shooter
HALO 4 is exactly what the action genre needs
otherZinc  +   772d ago
This is what I know for a fact:
No console game on the market is doing what Halo 4's doing & looking GREAT at the same time!:

Campaign 4 player co-op
Spartan Ops
& the list goes on!!!!

Combinations like that will suck the RAM out of other consoles making it impossible to achieve what Halo 4 has done.
LX-General-Kaos  +   773d ago | Intelligent
I believe Halo 4 is the most graphically advanced title this Gen when considering everything that it does on screen at once.

Halo 4 is the only title that I can think of that brings to the table unscripted AI, vehicles, open vistas and landscapes, all brought in a non gray and brown war torn color tone. Everything just looks beautiful, especially when considering all of the things mentioned above.

As of now Halo 4 is the only title on HD platforms that I have seen thus far that can keep such a high graphical fidelity while supporting 4 player online co-op in a open world almost non linear fashion. Which I am sure is very taxing on the platform, but the experts at 343 got the job done.

Rated E For Everyone
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JANF  +   773d ago
I think is up there with the best. But calling it the best i think is too much.
LOGICWINS  +   773d ago
I agree. This generation isn't over yet. We have yet to see many great looking games. Ni no Kuni is looking pretty damn good to me.

If we're talking overall presentation(sound, visuals, A.I., character models, voice acting), you could easily argue that Halo 4 is ONE of the best of this generation.

"As of now Halo 4 is the only title on HD platforms that I have seen thus far that can keep such a high graphical fidelity while supporting 4 player online co-op in a open world almost non linear fashion."

Thats a very good point.
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Machioto  +   773d ago
@logic What? halo 4 deserves praise for showing what a determine developer can do with the 360 but this is six years to late and some of the features were done in killzone 2 which was released two years in the ps3 life cycle.

Related video
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MrChow666  +   773d ago
off topic: do you know if its still possible to play online 4 players split screen? thats always one of the best features of halo games for me
LX-General-Kaos  +   773d ago
I have not a clue at the moment.
Psychonaughty  +   772d ago
Mp yes, SP and Spartan Ops are only 2 player splitscreen though.
xursz  +   773d ago
Trust me I like Halo, too, but calling it the most graphically advanced game this gen is overhyping it. As mentioned above, Crysis 2 and DeusX on 360 are easily on par with halo4 and so is Gears to an extent. I get that some fans want to pretend ps3 doesn't exist but I believe that platform will hold the title for best graphics this gen.

To sum it up, halo4 may be the best looking game on 360, but that's a bit of a toss-up imo.
dubt72  +   773d ago
I disagree. I know those 2 looked really good, but Halo 4 looks shockingly good.
XB1_PS4  +   773d ago
I don't know if you haven't played, or haven't gotten to the second mission.. Because the beginning of the second mission is absolutely gorgeous. I was like O.O
Psychonaughty  +   772d ago
Deus Ex was really great I agree but graphically it was average at best, Crysis 2 was overrated from beginning to end in every way.
chukamachine  +   773d ago
Uncharted 3 a.i is unscripted. oops.

As for graphics. Buildings have no textures. Lighting is decent. There's not much environmental fx.

The game does not push alot of polys.
bubblebeam  +   773d ago
I disagree.

There is huuuge environmental detail, possibly more than any other game on console, in terms of lighting and particle effects.

It doesn't push a lot of polys I'll agree (comnpared to lets say Gears or Uncharted).

While it isn't the best looking game in RAW graphics power, I think no other game looks better than it when it comes to artstyle. The game is one living, breathing magical world. I was stunned the whole game through.

Rooms and environments with stunning lighting and beauty, with Particle galore. Absolutely shocked at how good it looks.
momthemeatloaf  +   773d ago
It's the best looking game this gen.

People need to take into consideration everything. Not just textures and lighting. Halo 4 has great color, and uses it very well.
stage88  +   773d ago
PC and PS3 exclusives say "Hi"
Knight_Crawler  +   772d ago
Name one PS3 exclusive that offers the amount of content that Halo offers and has big maps like Halo?

Go play forge and tell me which game PS3 game has a feature that rivals that.

Uncharted, God of War or Killzone dont even have half of the features that you get with any Halo game.
trouble_bubble  +   772d ago
"Name one PS3 exclusive that offers the amount of content that Halo offers and has big maps like Halo? "

Resistance 2. http://www.lensoftruth.com/...
Native res', scale, torn frames, fluid, enemies on screen, 8 player co-op, 60 player competitive, you name it. Resistance 2 even has the same metacritic score as Halo 4...87/100. Tit for tat, ying for yang.

"Go play forge and tell me which game PS3 game has a feature that rivals that."

LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet Karting, ModNation Racers, inFamous 2.

Devil's advocate.
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DigitalRaptor  +   772d ago

Props man + bubble. Told like a pro!

Some people come in with this attitude that no PS3 exclusives can match the top Xbox exclusives in different ways, and that PS3 developers are second rate by comparison. It's been like this all gen.

With due respect to 343i, Resistance 2 was doing things that even Halo 4 isn't doing 4 years later. And LBP is frothing, just frothing with features and content.
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Majin-vegeta  +   773d ago
*It's the best looking game this gen. *

Lol no it's not Killzone 2 still mops the floor with it and that game came out 3 years ago.
Chuk5  +   773d ago
SaffronCurse  +   773d ago
Pixel_Enemy  +   773d ago
Killzone 2 has better graphics for sure.
Nicaragua  +   773d ago
omi25p  +   773d ago
Sure kill zone 2 has more detail but there is only one colour in that entire game. GREY
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LOGICWINS  +   773d ago
If your a pixel counter, I suppose you could say that Killzone 2 looks better than Halo 4....but you also have to factor in art style. Not everyone may prefer the brown/dark color palette of KZ2 to Halo's brightly colored vibrant visuals.
AD705  +   773d ago
Yeah I always though halo was a little to bright and colorful. Even when it want's to be gritty it's still too colorful.
trouble_bubble  +   773d ago
Not everyone prefers enemies from teletoon either. The art style of Halo's baddies are almost yo gabba gabba-esque. The grunts look ridiculous. There's also lighting and animations to consider. Personally I think Metro 2033 for 360 looks better. The underground stations have a nice, depressing ambience. Halo's too happy.
DigitalRaptor  +   772d ago
You're missing the point.

Helghan is meant to be a dark, war-torn mess of a planet and that works to strengthen the Killzone universe. Halo's vibrant vistas strengthen its own universe. Both art styles are successful in what they present.
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LOGICWINS  +   772d ago
^^Why are you explaining the obvious? I've spent dozens of hours with both franchises. YES, both styles are successful in what they represent. Where did I argue against that? I'm simply saying that certain people may find one art atyle more/less pleasing to the eye than the other.
aquamala  +   773d ago
Lol no

I doubt you've looked at kz2 recently, it looks good for its time, but not anymore
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ItsTrue  +   773d ago
Read the title, we're not comparing PS3 games with xbox games. Stop trying to start flame wars.
MetalProxy  +   773d ago
Read further. It says towards the end.."is Halo 4 the best looking game on Xbox and possibly on CONSOLES?" Sorry dude but there will be comparisons.
ItsTrue  +   773d ago
But comparisons are what we want to avoid. All it causes is flame-wars.
If you keep comments positive on both PS3 and Xbox articles maybe there could finally be harmony between the two.
jonli1  +   773d ago
not even killzone 2 at that time look good it will always be overrated game of all time.
Chuk5  +   773d ago
When is the last time you've looked at KZ2? Halo 4 looks better.
The_Infected  +   773d ago
I agree with that. Halo 4 is one hell of a pretty game. I love the art and atmosphere of the game.
The_Infected  +   773d ago
I think with the Halo 4 art style and very good graphics combined makes the game just look amazing. It's a beautiful game no doubt. I think it's the best looking game on 360 for sure.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   773d ago
Forza Horizon, Alan Wake and Halo 4 are the best looking exclusive games on Xbox.
bubblebeam  +   773d ago
Not including art style Gears 3 is the best hands down.

I prefer Halo 4 due to the amazing art style. Better than all the other Halo art styles combined.
AD705  +   773d ago
I'm not a halo fan but from what I played at my friends house it was really fun! Much better than halo reach, odst, and 3 combined. I didn't play the full thing but what I played it was really fun. I might pick it up at around christmas time :).

btw this is coming from a guy who thought all previous halo games were lame (well reach was ok)
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microgenius  +   773d ago
agreed with above
MadMax  +   773d ago
Halo 4 is too overrated! Alan Wake would be one of the best looking games on the Xbox. Not this overrated garbage!!!
Jek_Porkins  +   773d ago
Halo 4 to me is the crispest and best looking game on the Xbox 360, its really hard to judge something like graphics, but I think its definitely tops on that system.
ninjagoat  +   773d ago
343 has done an amazing job been sitting on the game most the day now.

Main thing for me was 343 not killing the Halo experence never mind the graphics for me Halo is intact and doing great :).

Now that worry isoutta my way it was onto the graphics and all i got to say is its class. :)

Money well spent people.....
LAWSON72  +   773d ago
Halo 43 imo is the best looking xbox 360 game and it will probably stay that way for the rest of this gen
leogets  +   773d ago
Are we talkin mp or sp? Sp maybe but mp isnt breathtakingly wow. It just looks like halo.much better looking games.bf3 wipes the floor visually on mp. Cant deny
PersonMan  +   773d ago
I think Assassin's Creed 3 looks like an open world Uncharted 2. The animations, character detail and environment detail are amazing. Not to mention the huge open world with Boston, New York and Frontier. Also, the lighting engine is so realistic looking.
ado908  +   773d ago
Oh boy not this again. People did this with Halo 3 and pit it against Uncharted Drakes fortune graphically. People did this with Crysis 2 and pit it against Killzone 2. Both times where they were proven wrong to even compare them. How in the world is Halo 4 suppose to look better than anything this gen when the 360 couldn't even Handle Uncharted 2? Naughty Dog has already said this but of course that's not evident at least to me it isn't. Uncharted 2 is 25GB's of storage right? Which means that Final Fantasy XII has even more storage which is why it runs 4 disc on the 360. Now despite it containing more storage the game does not come close to looking like Uncharted 2 visually. Which means it is more of a issue than storage itself. Now I want people to explain this to me not agree or disagree with me but argue why do you believe that uncharted 2 is able to run on the 360? I believe that it cannot. Heres my argument, If the 360 can run a game like Uncharted 2 to on the 360 then why has the 360 not come out with any game that looks as visually as impressive as uncharted 2 let alone uncharted 3. Using Rage is a horrible example. It has horrid anti aliasing issue, texture pop-ins and some texutres were bad.. Crysis 2 same thing had horrid Anti aliasing, looks blurry and didn't run on native 720p which means it isn't even standard HD. Do not even use Bulletstorm in here lol. And Dues Ex has literally no textures what-so-ever. I have to run the game on my PC to look good. These are all really fun and good games but do not tell me they have impressive visuals to the point they look like Halo 4 let alone uncharted. I am no fanboy Gamertag: Assassingamer36 and PSN: Assassingamer136. I'm not a fanboy I just believe what I see and from what information I gathered. To sum it up Halo 4 IS the best looking game on the 360 to date, 2nd being Gears of war 3. But it does not look visually as impressive as Uncharted 2,3, Killzone 2, Killzone 3. The 360 cannot run a game like Uncharted 2 and if it did then a developer would have released a game that looks as impressive as uncharted 2 by now.
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stage88  +   773d ago
Thank you! What a well said post.
Ezra1988  +   773d ago
Like many of us gamers we all call home to specific consoles and thus, we all have our favorite genres we play and so on and so forth.

To be honest and unbiased I believe that this game has hit it's peak on the graphical side as well as a good storyline (Not saying it's the best since, really the next one could even be better then the first or vice versa) or another game could have an amazing storyline, etc. There is always growth to be had in gaming.

Keep in mind that by no means should this be a hyped post for any fans out there. The point I'm trying to make is that HALO 4 is a well rounded game that is hitting it's stride and will continue to push for excellence.

So where does it put HALO 4 for the best looking game? The answer is really up to you the viewer and the player. It's that simple. I'm not an Xbox 360 user to be honest but I would say that Halo 4 will be a dominant contender for GOTY.

Again being a PS3 and Pc user I would not compare a console game to another console because it's not relevant to this game. I would rather talk about past Halo games (which I've played all but Halo 4) and how it improved on graphical capabilities, storytelling, etc.

I want to thank-you for reading my post and I hope your game achieves great success.
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InTheLab  +   773d ago
Crysis 2 looks better, but I do prefer Halo's art style.

Crysis 2
Halo 4
Alan Wake
Gears 3

In that order. I think people are jumping the gun with Halo's graphics. We had this same conversation with Reach and ODST and neither of those games were anything special, graphically. Halo 4 looks good, but to call it the best is ridiculous.
jjb1981  +   773d ago
It's crysis 2
ILive  +   773d ago
People keep forgetting ththe final fantasy games. Final fantasy 13 did even get best graphics nod in 2010 and it was the best looking game to come out next to god of war 3 that year. Now, 13-2 keeps the momentum.
YodaCracker  +   773d ago
I have yet to play Halo 4, but Forza Horizon has really taken me by surprise and blown me away when it comes to graphics. It is easily the best-looking open world game I have ever played and definitely a contender for best graphics of the year alongside Halo 4.
DudeJets  +   773d ago
The witcher says hi.
Tzuno  +   772d ago
Hello hater!!! :)
Peka_Fais  +   772d ago
METRO 2033
Red Dead Redemtion
GearSkiN  +   772d ago
I gave my friend an Xbox 360 coz he's a ps3 guy he bought halo 4 with us and even him was shocked how halo looked that good. I'm glad it did.
Angerfist  +   772d ago
Since im already in Mission 7 i can say, sometimes the Graphics are great, but sometimes it looks too generic in the Leveldesign, yes, its the Halo Standards, i´ve been there from the Start but thats a little letdown.
Hozi  +   772d ago
On Xbox, Halo 4 is in my honest opinion the best looking and has the best Intuitive multiplayer.

On other systems, I'd say it comes close in detail but on PC it would have a hard time competing with upcoming games like Last Guardian and Last of Us but nonetheless. H4 is extremely Beautiful and I can't wait to play it.
MadMen  +   772d ago
For me, other than Uncharted 2, I think HALO 4 is the best this gen, I brings such a sense of Architectural power.

However Halo 4 is much more of an open world, so I give it the nod.
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