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gamrReview: "This already splendid title has improved even further for its appearance on Sony's new handheld and is now the definitive version of Persona 4 to own. If you don't own a Vita but like RPGs, your reason for purchasing a Vita has arrived. Enjoy."

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CaptainSheep1898d ago

I have this game pre-ordered. I don't even own a Vita yet. xD

Spectator11898d ago

Are you going to buy a Vita, or just look at the unopened game occassionally? xD

swirldude1898d ago

You're not the first I've heard say that. Buy a Vita! There's more than one game on it!

shammgod1898d ago

I also preordered before I bought my vita last week.

Cablephish1898d ago

I'm planning on getting a vita soon, but I've pre ordered ragnarok Odyssey already. Thinking I can get a good deal on vita over black Friday at Walmart.

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Neckbear1898d ago

I don't see why I'd buy a Vita for a game I've already played...

Sure, extra content is good and all, but worth buying a $250 handheld for it? Hardly.

fabod861898d ago

there are other games that can make you buy a Vita, for someone this is one of them... sorry but your comment is a little bit useless. ;)

-GametimeUK-1898d ago

He is talking about himself personally. He isn't talking about all potential Vita buyers. In actual fact his comment is not entirely useless. Yours on the other hand...

fabod861898d ago

the second sentence is set like an advice so yes... it seams i'm not the only one that had that impression. :)

firelogic1898d ago

Neckbear is trolling, just like you are. That'd be like me posting this on the Slim PS3 price announcement, "I already have a PS3, I don't see why I'd spend $300 on a Slim PS3. Sure, being slimmer is good and all but worth the money? Hardly."

See how utterly stupid that is?

fabod861898d ago

i forgot to mention that the second sentence contain a question so, how could it be HIS opinion? or we have to think that he is so stupid to ask himself something and then answer in a comment section without looking for any approvation... mmm... i don't think so. case closed. XD

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profgerbik1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

In a sense it is useless because no matter what you are always buying a system with games.

Someone buys a system chances are they will at least buy one game. So what difference does it really make at that point what game you first choose to buy with the system? If it is a game you would like?

Regardless it is going to be something.

You and I both know it is not the only game you would ever own on the Vita, if you had one.

"I don't see why I'd buy a Vita for a game I've already played..."

Yea I don't see why you would buy a system for one game in general either in that sense.. No system to me is worth paying for just to play one game.

Which is how you make it sound, like it would be the only game you would ever own or see worth owning a Vita for..

GraveLord1898d ago

Persona 4 isn't the only good game on the PSV.
Some people may never have played Persona 4 on the PS2 yet they like RPGs, here is their chance to experience the game in its best version.

izumo_lee1898d ago

So far every review has been over 9 so that means that reviewers have yet to feel the wrath of Teddy :) That is both good & unfortunate at the same time.

Like i said in the other review threads, Persona 4 was a masterpiece when it was released on the PS2. There is absolutely no way that the game is not a masterpiece on the Vita as well.

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Protagonist1898d ago

[email protected]

I too have played and own a copy of Persona 4 for the PS2, but I know for a fact after countless reports this past year, thet Persona 4: The Golden is an Improved version of Persona 4 and with hours of additional content compared to Persona 4, So no! you have not played Persona 4: the Golden before!

If you you really think this is the only game for the PSVITA worth getting, then you are sadly mistaken.

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