Green Peace: Clash of the consoles

Green Peace appears to be creating a campaign against the three power houses of the games industry in an attempt to persuade Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that are present in its systems. These chemicals contribute to the massive growth of electronic waste that's often dumped, causing widespread environmental pollution and health problems for unprotected workers.

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Baba19063684d ago

god........ go save the wales.

KeiZka3683d ago

Wish they actually did something worthwhile when they apparently seem to have enough time at hand anyway... Like committing themselves to research methods to lessen waste instead of crying foul every time someone isn't working as they'd like them to work. Like the case of extra nuclear power in Finland... Gsus, they just keep nagging and not giving good, valid pointers in how to fix the situation. But apparently they just know how to nag.

Andrewww3683d ago

... before you kick back at the wrong people.
Reducing toxic stuff in mass market products is definitely worthwhile, even if its about consoles and even we got one at home.
Same with Apple: it took some Greenpeace and consumer reactions to make Steve Jobs announce a policy change - which we still wait to be put into action.
Means: only NPOs like Greenpeace and the mass market can make them act responsibly. Sorry, folks, still got some responsibility there... even when gaming... ;o)