Top 9 Wii Mistakes

Smart When Shouting looks at the worst mistakes Nintendo made with their innovative Wii console. Some of the choices might surprise you.

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josephayal2203d ago

num 1 mistake.. The Graphics

3-4-52203d ago

relying on motion control for too many games was # 1. The graphics were cool for what they were. They weren't high tech at all but they worked and were good to look at even though they weren't great quality.

Deku-Johnny2203d ago

The Wii had some great graphics when developers actually tried to push the console. One of the biggest problems were that developers didn't want to try make a great game on the console.

Qrphe2203d ago

Definitely not my favorite Nintendo console but Nintendo needed something like the Wii to be relevant again. It is true that it was flooded with shovelware but it is also true that it offered a true alternative to the expected PS360 since it did have great 1st party and 3rd party games.