Modern Warfare 4 report 'not accurate', says Bill Murray

GameZone writes, "According to Bill Murray, the voice actor behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Captain Price, the recent report — or rumor rather — that Modern Warfare 4 is in development is "not accurate"."

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Neonridr1695d ago

lol Infinity Ward probably threatened to kill off his character if he didn't make that statement.

Cam9771695d ago

His character... Are you serious? More like they threatened to kill him by drowning him in shredded money notes.

1695d ago
Rashonality1695d ago

do they really think we will be surprised if they kept it a secret....

phinch1695d ago

Bill fucking murray - zombie land

RickHiggity1695d ago

I different Bill Murray, But great quote regardless :D

phinch1694d ago

lol i like how we got dissagres im aware its not the same bill murray but it was the first thought that popped into my head when i saw it lol

Tales RPG addict1695d ago

NO MORE FUCK COD EVERY YEAR it's killing the Video games industry, and the other creative and even more fantastic games by a long shot.

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