Next-Gen.Biz - South America: The Lost Continent

Patrick Dugan of writes: While the games industry focuses intently on North America, Europe and Japan, are game companies missing opportunities in South America? Here are Next-Gen's ten facts worth knowing...

The Western world has been notorious for overlooking South America as a cultural or economic center for a long time, and the game industry has been no exception. Today, Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Chile has been considered a reliable financial hub for decades, and Argentina is enjoying an economic renaissance brought on by a combination of cultural familiarity and a devalued currency. Investors, policy makers, businesses and marketers have been turning to Latin America for its robust growth, and its time for the game industry to follow suit with greater temerity. The following is an introduction to a unique part of the world that poses tremendous opportunities, both for game development and for audience expansion.

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