Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - CVG Review

It's a realtime strategy RPG, combining elements of the classic FF battle system with a stylus-driven method of assigning individual orders to a fairly substantial party of adventurers. Despite the odd problem, this is an exceptional DS game. The story'll make more sense if you know FFXII, as there are loads of recurring characters and references to past events, but it's not essential.

You don't even need to be mad on FF or strategy games in general, as this is very much its own thing. Simple, accessible, funny and good value for the playing time it offers.

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PS360WII3840d ago

It is a really good take on combat and a nice addition to the FF family along with another great game to own on the DS.

Now speaking of FF on the DS when is the US getting FFIV!!

PS360WII3840d ago

I swear I think someone is tracking me just to disagree with me.

lonestarmt3840d ago

yeah not only that but dragon quest IX!!!

yeah I felt like the game was good. I mean its not going to win new fans or anything, but for someone who loves the ivalice world and loved 12 I enjoyed playing as those characters

PS360WII3840d ago

Yeah it won't win anyone knew and has a lot from 12. I liked the rts feel to it as well. Seperate units having there own skill sets and attacking opposite enemies. Nice switch from having everyone next to each other

kira9893840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

was the Rts style... I havent been a huge fan of RTS games (But i have been known to big up AOE every once in a while)

But judging by all these good reviews and public comments this game must not be that bad!

lonestarmt3840d ago

don't worry. Its not a true RTS. There is no resourcing or having to build supply depots or anything like that. There are ley points to portal to summon espers to help you, but its more like a tatic game with RTS type fighting if that makes any sense.