IGN Hands On: Street Fighter IV

IGN get some direct hands on time with the game today at the AOU Amusement Expo.

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mighty_douche3564d ago

Not sure why this was posted in multiple sections, he played the arcade version only, especially the WII section?

Anyway, sounds promising enough, as a die hard SF fan i really hope they aim this at people like me rather than dumb it down for mass market appeal!

Skerj3564d ago

THANK you man, I'm hoping the same thing. I'm still baffled by the idea to make SF4 in the SFII era while simultaneously remaking super turbo in HD, it's kind of redundant but whatever I'll get over it in time.

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The Fungus3564d ago

I think I'm getting used to the visuals now, even though they still seem too bulky.

What systems is this game coming out for?

xionpunk3564d ago

...MORRRTAAAL KOOMBAAAT!! oh wait, not yet (sigh)

godoftime3564d ago

im getting excited about this one, want to play it on the arcade to see if it plays as good as its looking out to be. game mechanics remind me of killer instinct......

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