Do You Feel Like A Hero Yet? Psychology Takes On Spec Ops: The Line

Did you think Spec Ops: The Line was just another cookie-cutter shooter? So did we. We were all wrong, and Anthony uses a bit of psychology to prove it.

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Hasanhastam1996d ago

Just epic ! Best story of 2012 so far

Der_Kommandant1996d ago

The most underrated game this gen

Sketchy_Galore1996d ago

I still really want to try this out but I'm still afraid that it'll be a regular bro shooter with a few pseudo-deep cutscenes here and there and I'm too afraid of spoilers to look more into it.

Amazingmrbrock1996d ago

Don't worry about that at all. It's totally not, I wont spoil anything other than to say it wont be that in any way and will change how you look at modern military shooters and possibly war in general. Amazing game.