Street Fighter IV Arcade Footage [UPDATED] [Clips]

Kotaku writes:

"Capcom are keeping a fairly tight leash on people snapping pics and vids on the AOU 2008 showroom floor, but that's never stopped the internets before. The first shaky-phone-cam footage of the game's made its way out of the show, and is now ready for your slack-jawed approval/hair-pulling disappointment."

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Legionaire20053721d ago

It's the art style of the game get use to it people. I think its perfect!!!! hope they make the game a little faster on both the 360/PS3, cause that is the only problem I see right now. I think the game is a must have!!!!

CaliGamer3721d ago

These guys really suck, I don't know who was playing as Ryu but they really did him and injustice. I see myself becoming king once again when this is released, Guile and Ryu FTW, I'll start by kicking the behinds of the chumps that made this video, LOL.

Game looks sick to me, don't know what all the complaints are about. Sometimes people can really find anything to complain about.

JeepGamer3721d ago

You know at least when SNK went 3D they made some attempt at creating a new King of Fighters game rather than simply remaking one of their old ones from a decade ago.

The-Only-Truth3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

So ?

"Never change a winning team !". Though it's the same old Streetfighter with new next-gen looks and you complain ?
Uhm, this is just ONE Streetfighter for the next-gen consoles, be happy with it.
Just look back and reminiscence over the dozen of Streetfighter versions which came out for one system (SNES) and which all have been the same (100 turbo editions <-- lol !).

Therefore, i'm not overwhelmed by the ridiculous looks of the over-muscled fighters, but the footage shows us clearly a true 2D game with 3D optics. SF 4 FTW !

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The story is too old to be commented.