Apple Probably Not As Keen On Gaming As You Think

Kotaku writes:

Think Apple are about to bet the farm on entering the console race? Maybe not. A "senior development source" has told British trade mag Develop that they're doing nothing of the sort. Rather, the recent game-related trademarks that popped up are more likely to mean a bigger push on Apple's part to bolster the iPod games market, which for all the device's popularity can't be performing as well as they'd have hoped.

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SKUD3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

We don't do the whole "1st" comment on this site. Take that crap back to

sonic9893683d ago

apple is a very strong company but it looks and sounds like microsoft
a lot
we dont need another microsoft we already got the original MS
and the same thing to sony we dont need samsung

PlayStation3603683d ago

I think it's best if Apple joins up with Sony instead of going into gaming by themselves. That would be VERY interesting. I would LOVE for the PSN to get software made by Apple. Like some game downloading program for the PS3 and PSP. My opinion of course, but I think that would be dope. Sony and Apple teaming up. :)

But oh well, chances of that happening is kinda slim I guess. :P

Lord Cheese3683d ago

it would also mean itunes drm'd tracks streamable to the ps3...but maybe i'm dreaming....

whengeeksgobad3683d ago

R&D to make a new console costs BILLIONS. Games on the ipod sure, making a console? Probably not. Too much money to lose in it. Just ask anyone but Nintendo.

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The story is too old to be commented.