Its'a Me! Why the world still needs Mario.

New Writer, Reuben Mount, stands up for the iconic Plumber and syas why he feels the world needs more Marios!

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NYC_Gamer1959d ago

I'm tired of all the NSMB versions...They all offer the same tired gameplay just on different hardware..

-GametimeUK-1959d ago

I'm a huge fan of Mario games and even I am growing tired of the NSMB titles. There just isn't any room for it to evolve any more. 2D Mario games used to change drastically on every installment. Mario 3 and Super Mario World feel completely different yet familiar. This is what is missing in the 2D Mario games of today.

The DS and Wii versions are enough for me.

timbow19821959d ago

I think Miyamoto understands that, he's said they'll only be one version of NSMB on each console, so DS, Wii, 3DS, and the Wii U. Hopefully after that it'll be back to Galaxy or something as awesome!

A 3D HD Mario is just begging to be made

Venox20081959d ago

I'm waiting for a 3D Mario for Wii U :) maybe one more for 3DS wheres Warioware for 3DS? Oh and cant wait for Luigis mansion 2 and Paper mario 3DS .. I love Mario games (not party games) (with some exceptions like Warioware) and footlball game was alright for multiplayer :)

MilkMan1959d ago

As long as human beings reproduce, Mario and company will always be needed.