Gamers XTREME - Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection Review (PS3/360)

Glacier928: "Dragon Ball Z is a series that many have come to love over the years. Namco Bandai has released their share of DBZ games for the PS3/360 but there are Budokai fans who were dying to see this particular franchise return and for good reason. Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection contains two fan-favorite installments with impressive attention to HD upscaling, as well as some tweaking around to make these the ultimate versions. HD Collections can occasionally fare worse than their original versions if not carefully developed but DBZ Budokai HD Collection avoids that entirely. DBZ fans who’ve never experienced these really owe it to themselves to grab this collection, if not for Budokai 3 alone due to how expansive the game is. From its lush HD upscaling, to its intense combat system that still measures up incredibly well today, Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection is a must-own for not only DBZ fans, but fighting fans as well."

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