Are Xbox Originals worth It?

Do we really want to play last-gen games on our X360s? Gameplayer has an article up that discusses the pros and cons.

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Genuine3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I downloaded Sid Meier's Pirates a few days ago, and I can honestly say that the game is easily worth $15. There are games of lesser quality for ps2 currently going for $40-$50 a pop. I don't see why anyone should be whining about having more games to play. With the 360 you have the full gaming spectrum. Everything from bite sized XBLA games, to Xbox Originals, all the way up to beautiful HD titles. I personally like the option to download games with more depth than an XBLA games.

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SeNiLe9113722d ago

I still own Crimson Skies on disc so I pop it not to often anymore. Last time was when it came out on the Originals. Some friends decided to down it and give it a go again. Sadly, that was the last day and only day, just not enough people on to make it fun anymore but we had a good run when it was the game back in the day!

I think if the game you're downing has a good single player then it might be worth it but Crimson was best for the multi-player and with few on anymore, it's now a snoozer!!!

BloodySinner3722d ago

I just wish these Xbox originals had achievement points tied to them... That's the real downside.

Genuine3722d ago

lol That's my only gripe. The games are still fun, but achievements would have been nice. It's funny, but you don't realize how much you like achievements til you don't have them.

killedinaction93721d ago

they would sell so much more as well.

SuperSaiyan43722d ago

Need I say more? Shame there are no achievemants or proper testing to ensure 100% bc.

giovonni3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Yeah it is, I still have the hard copy of Jet Set Radio Future waiting for MS to even hint at having an original release on live. Hurry up got damn it!

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The story is too old to be commented.