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Submitted by timcolwill 1194d ago | opinion piece

Halo 4 shows why review scores need to go

A picture is worth a thousand (angry) words. (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

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creeping judas  +   1194d ago
Should change title to "console exclusives show why review scores need to go"? This type of idiocy is not just exclusive to Halo 4.
DragonKnight  +   1194d ago
Two things. 1. If you think this kind of behaviour isn't present from the PC community, you're naive and incorrect. 2. May not be exclusive to Halo, but it is definitely most prevalent with Halo.
StanLee  +   1194d ago
The problem isn't reviews but their consistency. You have 65 total reviews for Halo 4 and 3 of those reviews are well outside the consensus. People should legitimately question those reviews because they're well outside of the prevailing opinions of the game. The EGM reviewer is an example of a reviewer who clearly wanted the game to be something else and that's a legitimate concern and he should be taken to task for it. The review who gave the game 1 out of 5 stars review was so filled with vitriol, he offered no objectivity. Reviewers like these need to be called out! Another problem is metacritic. The reviews used for their scores also aren't consistent. They should use those publications and sites listed by the Game Critics awards and only those reviews. Let's be honest, some of these reviewer you don't hear about until they make an asinine review of a huge title. And that's the point!
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Jobesy  +   1194d ago
@StanLee, the problem with taking out low scores because some think a site is looking for hits or they're fanboys is that you would logically have to look into taking the 10/10 reviews out as well for the same reasons. You can't tell me that there aren't Halo, COD, BF fanboys who will score a game perfect no matter what. So see this applies to both ends of the spectrum, but obviously nobody whines about high scores unless it's a COD or Mario game getting them. Then all this free pass bs starts coming up.
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darthv72  +   1193d ago
that is completely understandable. I would find it more respectable to the gaming industry if such sites that give 10's are looked into the same as those who give only 1 or 2 or other low scores.

You have to figure that this whole thing grew so substantially over the last several years. Anyone is anyone can proclaim themselves a game site and sign up for all kinds of swag but does that really mean they are legit in their cause?

We could very well take out the questionable site reviews that gave the game low AND high scores and we should be left with the ones that matter most. So now how do we regulate these so called fan sites and keep only the reputable ones?

And scores shouldnt mean anything but in some ways it does. Like you see a game get an 8 and think oh yeah it must be pretty good. But then to take a high profile game and tank the score you have to think WTF was that reviewer playing if it just doesnt mesh with the general consensus.

I am reminded a few years back when bitter gamers tanked scores for games like gears, uncharted, killzone, halo 3 all out of spite. Throwing in spoiler after spoiler in doing so. Those are the very same people that will go on to proclaim themselves to be a gaming site later on and WANT their bitterness to be reflected in tanking a good game with a bad score.

It happens and it is such a negative reflection on the real legit game sites and gamers out there.
Strakken  +   1193d ago
This is the most intelligent group of comments i've seen in a long time.
MrBeatdown  +   1193d ago

Expecting all reviews to be consistent is the equivalent to expecting all opinions of a game to be consistent.

Halo sells around 10 million. There's 60-70 million 360s out there. For every person that liked Halo Reach enough to buy it, there's five or six that didn't even bother with it. No game suits everyone's taste and preferences.

Reviews are nothing more than opinions. To suggest that everyone's opinion needs to remain consistent is just ridiculous.

Maybe we should be questioning the near universal praise big name games get, instead of questioning the few that go against the pack. Plenty of people don't like Call of Duty or GTA4, despite reviews being overwhelmingly positive, especially in GTA's case (98 average on Metacritic).

You mention the EGM review. I didn't read it (or any review of Halo 4 for that matter), but you mention that the reviewer expected it to be something else. What's wrong with that? Would you prefer "I don't like it, but this Halo game is supposed to be Halo-y, and this is Halo-y, and even though I think it's just "good", I'm going to call it excellent... 10/10"? Should they have let a Halo fan review the game, even if a large portion of readers aren't Halo fans? Should they review it from the perspective of a non-Halo fan? There is no "right" way to review a game, so there is no "right" opinion either.

If you disagreed with the popular opinion of a well-reviewed game, I'm sure you would think that was perfectly acceptable. I would. So why insist that all reviews agree with other reviews, when they are nothing more than opinions based on gaming preferences?

I'm sure there are reviews for every game that are just the result of some moron with an agenda, and should rightfully be questioned, but to simply expect consistency when no game is for everyone, and look upon all reviews that don't align with everyone else's with suspicion is ridiculous. Maybe the problem is the exact opposite. Too much consistency. Some don't like GTA. Some don't like Call of Duty. Some don't like Bioshock, Metal Gear, etc. You're never going to find total consistency in taste and opinion from gamers. Why expect it, and more importantly, accept it, from reviews?
UnwanteDreamz  +   1193d ago
Problem is gamers only react to this when it happens to a game they like.

Gamer Karma

Next time someone cries foul, get behind them or accept differing opinions.

Opinions are neither legitimate or illegitimate. Opinions are personal beliefs that do not have to be based in fact but usually are.

The only thing you have to do to review this game (give your opinion) is play it. People are the ones who decide what it's worth to them but that doesn't invalidate the opinion.

I think we all would have more fun if we cared less about review scores.

Well put Mr Beatdown
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TheBlackSmoke  +   1193d ago
All of this talk is pointless because you are all trying to make points based on opinions.

You have an opinion on a collection of opinions and those opinions are only valid based on metacritics opinion on what sites deserve their opinion to be featured.

Also lets not forget that Metacritic works with a weighted average system meaning "bigger sites" have their scores multiplied. In the case of halo 4 with all the big sites kissing its ass hardcore it has no excuse for a sub 90 average when it has so many advantages in Metacritics broken scoring system. It just demonstrates how much the credibility of the big sites are a joke.

Yeah that 2 out of 10 is harsh but its weight is not enough to drag Halo below 90 on it own. its seems most of the other sites find this game good but not amazing and that reflects in its metascore.

For every person who wants to get rid of the low scores, because it is somehow a "fact" that this is a great game, well you should also want those 10/10 removed because its also a "fact" that its not perfect either.
knowyourstuff  +   1193d ago
Perhaps if people just used their brains and didn't judge games based on numerical rating scores that don't always scale well to a 100 point scale the way they convert on Metacritic.

Metacritic doesn't take every site's opinion, if they did a lot of scores of games would be drastically different, some more positive or negative. What people need to realize is there will always be turds in the punchbowl who will piss all over something really great, regardless of which platform you find it on.
IAMERROR  +   1194d ago
Review scores need to go? No, Metacritic (you know the site every gamer likes to reference) needs quality control. Reviews with lil substance and absurd criticisms for the soul purpose of getting views should not be counted. Well that's just my opinion
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Nes_Daze  +   1194d ago
Happens in movie industry as well, if a critic doesn't like a director, boom, 3/10. It's pathetic really.
otherZinc  +   1194d ago
Played Halo 4 this morning after Midnight launch:

Metacritic needs make some adjustments to some hit seeking sites!

Game is the Truth!
Hellsvacancy  +   1194d ago | Well said
Wow, we should change the "rules" to accomodate a 360 exclusive, its so hilarious, all the excuses people are coming out with to defend there game (rightly so)

Yet if it was a PS3 title, it wouldnt matter, we just have to put up with up negativity, have done so this whole gen

Cry babies, just go play your game rather than add more wood to the fire
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MetalProxy  +   1194d ago
well said and all to true
Dms2012  +   1194d ago
Actually, you seem to be the one crying. Are you serious? There is always outrage if a Ps3 exclusive gets a low score, remember Uncharted 3? Killzone 2 and 3? Yeah, I thought so.
BitbyDeath  +   1193d ago
Gotta agree there, if it were a PS3 exclusive usually the opposite articles come out stating it's a failure.
wishingW3L  +   1193d ago
this guy deserves the bubble.

Not too long ago Uncharted 3 got a 5 and PS3 fans had to accept it and move on and there were articles criticizing PS3 fans for trying to defend the game from that 5. Now we have Halo 4 on a similar situation and people, the media and even some devs are defending it... Double standards much?
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SilentNegotiator  +   1193d ago

When has a Playstation fan ever called for the elimination of scores after one or two lower ones?
Ult iMate  +   1193d ago
Just to prove your words

..and also any review of PS Vita game from IGN.

PS fans talk about flaws in overall score system from the begining of this generation. But only now, when Halo got low score, Xbox fan thought about it too.
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smashcrashbash  +   1193d ago
I agree fully. Why because of some odd scores for HALO that suddenly review scores have to go? Ragnarok Odyssey has been getting a whole bunch of up and down scores with a ton of rubbish reasons why it is so low and now suddenly because people have a chip on their shoulder and think Halo should be perfect in every way and anyone that doesn't something is wrong with you suddenly 'review scores have to go'? I agree with 'console exclusives show why review scores need to go'. Trying to confine it to Halo alone is nonsense.

@ Jobesy. Very good point. People always act as if just because I don't knell at the alter of a game that they think is God I am trolling, looking for hits or a dumb fanboy. I tell people Super Mario Brothers Wii for example is the worst Mario I have ever played in my opinion and give reasons why but that always automatically makes me a 'dumb butt hurt Sony fanboy'

@ wishingW3L . Oh yeah that is the exact same thing. We said that review scores need to go because UC3 got a 5. But you guys want to get rid of all review scores because of a couple of bad Halo scores. Oh yeah you guys are so reasonable. 'Kill all review scores and all reviewers who gave it less. Hang them high because they didn't say your game is perfect'. That is mature and reasonable compared to anger over a 5./s Just like the Nintendo people sending the guy death threats because he didn't like Twilight Princess. Yeah you guy are such pictures of sanity.
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Old McGroin  +   1193d ago
"But you guys want to get rid of all review scores because of a couple of bad Halo scores. Oh yeah you guys are so reasonable. 'Kill all review scores and all reviewers who gave it less. Hang them high because they didn't say your game is perfect'. That is mature and reasonable compared to anger over a 5./s Just like the Nintendo people sending the guy death threats because he didn't like Twilight Princess. Yeah you guy are such pictures of sanity."

Wow. Can you link where every 360 owner has said they want to get rid of review scores please? I count only the title of this article and a few angry quotes in the article put together by one person, I missed the other few million examples of this that you have seen.
Ult iMate  +   1193d ago
Too bad that I can only push agree once.
Take a bubble then.
rayan007   1193d ago | Spam
badz149  +   1193d ago
this is getting out of hands! out of 7 billion people in the world, having 3 people with different opinion than the others is having people crying for the change of the system!

I agree that the low score is standing out like a sore eye but he might have a very high expectation in the first place but on the other hand if you just allow people who really love Halo to review it, then you'll get high scores only because they will praise it no matter what especially now that it's pretty much confirmed that nothing much has been changed by 343! and with current trends of publishers sending valuable packages to reviewers and pay for ads of their upcoming games on big sites, reviews from big sites should not always taken too seriously too imo! it's not rare anymore for games to get high scores just to be bashed later on over a lot of things even from site who gave them high scores!

in my opinion, I don't agree that Halo should be more like CoD but it doesn't hurt for 343 to add some of their own touches to the game to make it feel fresh and their own but it looks like they decided to play it safe and aside from bumping up the graphic, not much else is altered according to reviews.

what I'm saying here is, if you love the game, GOOD! go write you own review on Metacritic as they allow it but just don't go crying if somebody else not having the same opinion as you!
iamnsuperman  +   1194d ago
Or gamers need to grow up. Sadly neither will change for the better
Perjoss  +   1194d ago
Gamers really do need to grow up, has anyone seen the user reviews for Halo 4 on metacritic? It has over 250 negative reviews compared to 60 positive ones. Im fully aware that the user reviews mean nothing really, but its a sure sign that people need to grow out of this fanboy attitude bs.
DARK WITNESS  +   1194d ago
The fans have not had a chance to post their reviews... they are too busy playing the game.
mcstorm  +   1194d ago
I have to disagree. Gamers are not the ones complaining about it. The fan boys that have the issues. GT5 fan boys still go on about GT5 should of got a higher score than Forza or KZ should get higher than Halo. But its the same the other way round. About how forza scores are higher than GT5 or Halo is Higher than KZ games.

We live in a world of mine is better than your now and until people grow up then it will carry on like this.

I have never got a game because the score is high or low. I buy a game because I want it not because the reviews are good or because a fan boy says its the best game ever.

two of the biggest game names ever GTA and COD are bought by a lot of people and get a high score but I don't buy them not because they are over rated games or because I think they are poor games. Its because I don't like them and cant get into them. Its the same with my phone I don't own a Android or Iphone because I don't like them. We have different choices in life for the fact we are all different.
eferreira  +   1194d ago
why can't people accept a low score from a couple of people. Uncharted 3 got a couple low scores but that didn't stop me from buying it. Buy what you want.
hellvaguy  +   1194d ago
Because its not a legitmate low score. Its fanboys that have never played the game giving it a 0/10 to ruin the final average score.

And that gate swings both ways, like you mentioned with Uncharted. All the popular games exclusive to one system face this same fate.
DarkRenzokuken  +   1194d ago
I make my own evaluation of a game then read back reviews to see if I agree with them. As I am training to be a journalist I want to make sure I create solid reviews not some biased review like IGN reviews.
Kurt Russell  +   1193d ago
Your opinion on IGN is biased.
JKelloggs  +   1194d ago
Reviews need to go? Okay, reviews are someones opinion of a game, we as an individual have our each and own different opinion of something, people just need to grow up if they get all mardy because of a low review score, not the reviewers.
Ult iMate  +   1193d ago
Opinions are opinions, and reviews are reviews. Do not muddle those two meanings. Too many poor reviewers get away with this lame demagogic excuse. Only poor reviewers don't see the differe between review and opinion. Or else every n4g comment that judge the game, giving it a score, should obligatory appear on metacritics under "review score".
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jeeves86  +   1193d ago
Wrong, Ult iMate, and everyone who doesn't understand the meaning of a review.

In the most basic of terms, a review is an elaborate opinion of a game. You cannot write a review without offering your opinion. A review without an opinion is a description of a game.

I don't understand how people don't grasp this.

There is a difference, however, between being an unfair douche and offering a legitimate, fair opinion on a game. You can tell the difference immediately, and that's the difference between a good review and a bad one, a good journalist and a hack.
Norrison  +   1194d ago
There may be some bullshit reviews like the 2/10 review or the 7/10 (not the score, it's content!), I'm enjoying this game a lot even if I'm a PC gamer it got it's flaws, like most console games: lack of proper AA, 30 fps, 720p, etc. Those aren't valid reasons to downplay a console game since graphics aren't consoles strenght.

And for what I've played, this game pretty much does good in every aspect: story, gameplay, multiplayer, fun. It's at least a 7/10.
Sargerus  +   1194d ago
Reviews dont need to go, only Metacritic.
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   1194d ago
Why do fans of any game series care what online game reviewers give any game ? if you enjoy any game franchises play them..who cares if this game gets a 5 , or that game gets a 7.. if you have fun playing it thats all that matters!!
Monstar  +   1194d ago
It's called EGO, my friend.
palaeomerus  +   1194d ago
DUUUUHHHRRRRR. Why do people go on review threads and discuss reviews and scores on them? I don't get it! Huurrrrrrr. So weird! MMmmmDAAAAAHHRRRRRRRrrrrr! And why do people talk about my Little Pony on My Little Pony forums? DDDUUHhhHuuuuHRRRRrrrr! I hate My Little Pony! I don't get it! NNnyyyAAAArrrhrrrrr!!!
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1194d ago
idk but i played the mp last night and it was awesome! looking forward to the sp after work. from what i played just last night it would be impossible to give the game less than a 6 or 7 unless the sp was a buggy, incomprehensible, broken mess. the multiplayer alone is worth it though.
the worst  +   1194d ago
halo 4 is 7.5/10
ALLWRONG  +   1193d ago
How would you know? Halo 4 isn't on the PS3.
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joeorc  +   1194d ago
just like movie critics
If you yourself see a movie 9 times out of ten there will be movie critic's that give the movie low score because it is maybe not the type of movie they like. Gaming is the same pretty much if it's not their most played type of game it will always be seen Vs' The game they like the best in each game designed style that they will always have as their own guide as the best game they played themselves.

If you had fun playing the game than who is to tell you other wise what is worth playing and what's not worth playing. Opinion's may be had by everyone it does not mean that you cannot have one of your own!
Munky  +   1194d ago
I posted this in another article, but it still somewhat applies to this one as the topic is related to game reviews:

basing how good a game by comparing it to previous games in a series is not totally accurate. that statement goes for all games reviewed in the past... games reviews are like everyone says, one persons opinion. the fact is gamers have evolved as well as the games we play, we have become a lot more demanding as the games have gotten better over time. IF game reviews were based on a uniform and standard rating scale then your statement is true, but it is not. in fact looking strictly at game reviews is a very simplistic way of judging where a game slots in compared to other games in a series. just like everything, the gaming industry has evolved.

***this portion is in regards to halo 4 not changing from previous iterations*** and your statement about the game not changing is just flat out wrong as well. go to the forums on halo waypoint and you will see that some actual fans of the series are very upset with the changes made in halo 4. some examples would be the fact that the grunts looked to "aggressive", or the fact that MC's armour seemed to be upgraded while he was in cryo sleep.

point being, that game reviews can't be trusted as a real indication of how good a game is, the fact is that a person reviewing a game should be giving an unbiased/professional review not a biased and downright unprofessional review. it should not have been allowed to be submitted. this would never happen on a respectable legit site for any other product, cars, movies, pc's... anything. respectable and trusted reviewers conduct themselves accordingly, with professionalism and integrity.
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Mr_cheese  +   1194d ago
They should be called "opinion scores"
InTheLab  +   1194d ago
Reviews need to improve, not go away. Some of these devs deserve accolades for their hard work and it's downright shameful when a dick bag like Tom Chick shows up on Metacritic with some shit review for a popular title.
Hicken  +   1193d ago
Tom Chick is the perfect example of what's wrong with reviewers, scores, and Metacritic.

Scores need to reflect the content of the review, for one. Doesn't matter what the score is if the reviewer's words don't match.

Metacritic needs standards, and some that are transparent or at least visible to the public. Reviews that are poorly written, show bias, or otherwise lack professional standards shouldn't be included in the aggregate.

There NEED to be standards. No one should ever take a review by Tom Chick as anything more than ignorance, as it lacks any sort of standards. A review is not an opinion. Not a personal one, anyway. That's an excuse, and a very weak one.

I find it funny how quickly people are tossing out the "butthurt fanboy" card on this, but I neither own a 360, nor am a big Halo fan, and I think what's going on is ridiculous. Halo and Ragnarok Odyssey have both been victims, other games have suffered recently, and I'm sure more will in the future.
chukamachine  +   1194d ago
People need to not take so much stock in reviews.

Play the game, worth it. keep. If not sell.

andron666  +   1194d ago
Like reviews matter that much anymore. I buy the games I want and no low or high scoring review can persuade me otherwise.

It's just different opinions anyway, deal with it or stop gaming...
Zha1tan  +   1193d ago
If reviews or an average of review scores dictate which games you play then you obviously lack the ability to think for yourself.

A review is an opinion and ive gone against the grain many times because I thought a game looked fun to play and ive always been satisfied with the games I have decided to buy into based on watching gameplays, getting an understanding of the mechanics from gameplays and looking up what problems the game has.

Simply because people are to lazy these days they rely on aggregated scores and if the score does not fit their expectations they rage, its sad when opinions are argued over something so menial as the score a game recieves and its even sadder that it can genuinely affect a series because of peoples stupidity.
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isarai  +   1193d ago
LOL fanboys "oh no my favorite game is getting low scores!! WE SHOULD GET RID OF SCORES!!!"
T3MPL3TON  +   1193d ago
So basically what you man-children are saying is..


Halo 4 is meh. It's OK. It's decent. Get over it. You want every review to be paid. You want everyone to praise Halo as some gift from the gaming, Gods. Not gonna happen. It's OK at best. It's a slowly dying franchise that is quickly making it's way into being CoD in Space.

Cry some more.

Now hurry up with the dislikes because you can't stand to face the truth.
#19 (Edited 1193d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Munky  +   1193d ago
Coming from a guy who never played the game... Your comment is riddled with fail.
#19.1 (Edited 1193d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
LeBart  +   1193d ago
Stupid people need to go.
Scores have their use.
Qrphe  +   1193d ago
Just ignore the reviews.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   1193d ago
I remember why I stopped coming to N4G now...
Mathew9R   1193d ago | Spam
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1193d ago
halo 4 is not an 7 or 8 or 9 morons its a 10, i haventplayed a game in so long without being bored, , this game is fucken genius
Munky  +   1193d ago
I'm just 45 mins into the game and it is fuckin amazing... The cutscene at the beginning if the game... Are you kidding me?!?! Amazing stuff.
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4   1193d ago | Offensive
Mathew9R   1193d ago | Spam
Ezra1988  +   1193d ago
Like many of us gamers we all call home to specific consoles and thus, we all have our favorite genres we play and so on and so forth.

To be honest and unbiased I believe that this game has hit it's peak on the graphical side as well as a good storyline (Not saying it's the best since, really the next one could even be better then the first or vice versa) or another game could have an amazing storyline, etc. There is always growth to be had in gaming.

Keep in mind that by no means should this be a hyped post for any fans out there. The point I'm trying to make is that HALO 4 is a well rounded game that is hitting it's stride and will continue to push for excellence.

So where does it put HALO 4 for the best looking game? The answer is really up to you the viewer and the player. It's that simple. I'm not an Xbox 360 user to be honest but I would say that Halo 4 will be a dominant contender for GOTY.

Again being a PS3 and Pc user I would not compare a console game to another console because it's not relevant to this game. I would rather talk about past Halo games (which I've played all but Halo 4) and how it improved on graphical capabilities, storytelling, etc.

I want to thank-you for reading my post and I hope your game achieves great success.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1193d ago
Review scores just show that you should make your own opinion!
HmongAmerican  +   1193d ago
watch IGN review and the guy just did a mini documentary about the game instead of reviewing. Well if all game reviewing was like that then we might get a lot of 9 on almost all the games released so far.
sduhfiuweiuui   1193d ago | Spam
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