Curiosity: What's Inside The Cube Hands On

John Bedford (Modojo): There's a lot we can't tell you about the newly released Curiosity: What's Inside The Cube, the first gaming experiment from Peter Molyneux's post-Lionhead start-up studio 22Cans. We don't know what we'll discover once the first layer has been peeled away. We don't even know whether player curiosity can sustain the game towards the end of its life. Critically, and if we make it that far, only one person will make the final tap and discover the 'life-changing' reward promised by Molyneux himself.

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kesvalk2026d ago

there will be nothing, just like the pendant in demon's soul

Sp1d3ynut2026d ago

I'm sure I can solve this riddle...I just have to think outside the box.

r212026d ago

I predict it'll be Molyneux's glowing head preaching bout curiosity and how it revolutionizes humanity or some crap.

MikeMyers2026d ago

So what happens when someone leaks it online to what's inside, will everyone keep trying or not care anymore?