Halo 4 glyph flies over London - lots of launch images

A load of images from the UK Halo 4 launch event in London where the glyph flew over several landmarks.

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chukamachine1841d ago

How many millions did they spend on advertising,lol.

Cajun Chicken1841d ago

Freaked out elderly residents a many.

Yangus1841d ago

Anunnaki its coming!!!

Hellsvacancy1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Thats awesome, i cant wait to wind my missis up

She came home from work late last night (shes a chef) and she was going on and on about this "UFO" or "Red Moon" (thats what she called it) she saw on the way home from work, i was trying to watch The Walking Dead and shes rabbiting on about this light in the sky, i wasnt interested, i was pretty baked aswel

Im a FIRM believer in UFOs etc, my brain just didnt connect with her for some strange 6th sense of a reason, and this is why i guess, i think she just got me at a bad moment, im trying to watch the 1 thing i look forward to during the week

aviator1891841d ago

That looks pretty sweet.
I'd be freaked out if I was right under it, but then I'd notice the didact symbol and smile.