Gamedaily: Professor Layton and the Curious Village Review

Chris Buffa of Gamedaily writes: Similar to Nintendo's under-hyped Hotel Dusk: Room 215, Professor Layton and the Curious Village tasks you with solving a mystery by interrogating townsfolk, except instead of rummaging through closets, you complete 130 imaginative puzzles that'll throttle your brain. It's the company's latest attempt at taking potentially boring content and wrapping it within a colorful presentation, yet Professor Layton is not without its issues, some of which mar the experience.

The puzzles, however, make the game worth playing. Nintendo and developer Level 5 (of Dark Cloud and Dragon Quest VIII fame) selected a wonderful assortment of mind benders, designed to get you thinking in different ways. Using the stylus to complete them, you'll figure out how to send animals to the other side of a river while meeting certain conditions, identifying the correct piece to fix a broken bridge and choosing the lighter weight by measuring them on a scale, but within two turns.

Play Professor Layton and the Curious Village because you need something different, a game that'll challenge you unlike most games on the market. Charming, attractive and intriguing, this is an under hyped DS game that demands your attention.

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