Lost Planet Returns To PSN

Kotaku reports: After being yanked from the PlayStation Store for unspecified technical "issues" earlier this week, the PlayStation 3 demo version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition makes its way back online. If you missed the multiplayer taste the first time, or you're bored of this week's other offerings, hit up the PlayStation Store for your download

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TheHater3723d ago

Where is my Monster Hunter? Where is it.

Keowrath3723d ago

Heh yeah, where's Monster Hunter 3?...

HARUMPH! That's right the Wii stolded it! =P I was pretty devestated to hear we were losing MH. I've only played it on PSP but absolutely adored it and was looking forward to a high definition Rathalos and playing over the PSN.

But Capcom are Capcom and you know the game is gonna sell like hotcakes in Japan on the Wii and I'll definitely be interested in seeing how it is. People taking massive swings of the Wii-mote trying to do G-sword combos. What about if they add a G-sword add on to the remote about the same size as in game, that'd be epic!

But yeah, this thread is about Lost Planet so I should get back on topic. I downloaded the Japanese version and couldn't join a game. Downloaded the US version and it got taken down. I'll try it out but I don't think I'll be massively enthralled.

Julie3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

i rather play E.T from atari than this one :3

spandexxking3723d ago

smoke effects are still the best IMO makes killing those mechs epic

Fux4Bux3723d ago

Yeah this is a crappy port of a crappy game. Seriously I dunno how people called this good back when it came out. Xbots must've been really really desperate for games mid 06 to call this trash good and buy a million copies.

Dr Pepper3723d ago

Read the gamer zone posting guidlines. Keep the fanboy names to the open zone.

Cyrus3653723d ago

Umm if this game came out within the first 4-5 months of PS3 life span, PS3 fans would be clamouring for it as well. Considering pretty much then, it was all about resistance, and maybe Motorstorm just came out.

360_Rules3723d ago

This game is good just because PSN sucks don't blame the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.