Mass Effect Trilogy Review- Game Pandemic

Is paying full price again really worth it for an art book? Read Game Pandemic`s full review.

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jc485732057d ago

heheh, wii u? Only ME3 was confirmed for the wii u right?

gamingden2057d ago

Yes, only ME3 is coming to the Wii U. The Wii U is tagged because the essentially pointless Wii U version is mentioned in the review.

BlackWolf2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I understand that the article is just in the Wii u section because of the upcoming port of ME3, but why "pointless version"? why the hate? it's not like they are making you buy the same game again for your system (assuming you have a ps3 or 360 with a copy of the game, my bad if not), it's a port for a new console for a new set of gamers that most likely haven't had the chance to own it. the wii u version is a port of an already released game, yes we know that, but the again, i ask you...

Why pointless?

We should just enjoy gaming.....

If you are just refering to the port being mentioned in the article, i'd like to apologize if i have offended you, just in case...

Qrphe2057d ago

I had no idea this was already out.

jc485732057d ago

yea, ps3 version comes out on December though.

MultiConsoleGamer2057d ago

The PS3 version is a good deal for people new to the series, or for those who haven't played the first game.

Omegabalmung2057d ago

Looking forward to getting ME1 for the PS3.

shivvy242057d ago

i havent played any so with the included dlc for 1 and 2 , i think its a great deal

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