Okami Wii Still 4:3? Nope, 16:9 Confirmed!

Kotaku reports in a listing for the upcoming Wii port of Okami on their company store, Capcom have posted a bunch of screenshots (the button prompts show it is indeed the Wii version). Tiny, tiny screenshots. Which are very, very concerning. With extra content out of the question, there were only two things that would set the Wii version apart from the PS2 one: Wii Remote brush control and 16:9. A product update on the very same page now shows that the game's been confirmed to support 16:9, 480p widescreen.

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Grassroots3591d ago

at least they are taking care of it in some ways.

Julie3591d ago

Take care of cute Amateratsu, she will look nice in 16:9 awww Amy i love you!!!!

wiizy3591d ago

the wii will be the definitive version

Julie3591d ago

In any system she comes, where she goes i go too :3
We like to go shopping togheter :D

Devr3591d ago

Purchase confirmed! My first game that I will be buying twice. :P Well, luckily it will be budget priced.

PS360WII3591d ago

hurray for widescreen actually when I picked up my copy of LO they said they have this up for pre-order so I tacked that up on my list as well. I think my pre-order list is 24 now ^^

XBOX 3603591d ago

Another PS2 port, eh?

Having fun in last gen?

PS360WII3591d ago

Well least our consoles work. Oh snap ;)

Night4ll3591d ago

Tell em PS360Wii... lol...

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