Wii U Launch Video remake - Nintendo's first Wii U U.S. commercial? Re-edited

CoffeeWithGames writes about Nintendo's U.S. Wii U commercials and shares an "updated fan-made Wii U commercial that may appeal more, and help some understand the Wii U is an entirely new Nintendo system and some of what the GamePad can do."

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Neonridr2021d ago

Very nice. I like the part where it actually said a new console with a new controller.

FinalomegaS2021d ago

i like the part that the games being released are shown in the controller screen

WeskerChildReborned2021d ago

Yep Nintendo should clarify about that.

wiiulee2021d ago

true...nice thats a better commercial...they need to take a few more seconds to show cod and zombiiu and wonderful 101 , but im sure there will be game commercials too.

Apex132021d ago

New console with a new controller. You hit the nail on the head where ad agencies being paid millions clearly missed and Nintendo for that matter. Oh well, I'm still getting mine.
Very good job and one that actually would get people excited and understanding it more even though I don't see how it can be missed.

Deku-Johnny2021d ago

If only Nintendo could see this, they could pretty much take it and make it look more professional and it'd shift a lot more units.