5 Things the Next Uncharted Game Needs | While Naughty Dog is currently developing their post-apocalyptic adventure The Last of Us, a little part of me hopes and expects that they will one day come back to arguably their most popular franchise, Uncharted. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is one of my favorite games of all time, and the other two games are right up there. The series is not without flaws however, even after three games. Here are the things that Naughty Dog has to do if they want to wow me with the next Uncharted game.

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Snookies122053d ago

All an Uncharted game EVER needs, is Sully... Lol

Jinkies2053d ago

1) A story revolving around the relationship between Elena and Drake, for once can we have a game where they are still going out with each other or engaged where they decide to both go out to find the treasure together instead of Elena being pulled into thr adventure half way through the game. I want them to fill in the gaps at what happened over the years after Drakes Fortune with their relationship and why it failed...twice....maybe answers to questions like how does Elena know Charlie Cutter. I just want a game where Elena is in it for the full game, she's a great partner for Drake and the whole girlfriend/wife saving the day with her husband/boyfriend hasn't been done before.

2) Character development to be spread out like Uncharted 2, bring back Charlie for more character development.

3) Multiplayer needs to either have a BIG Classic mode like Uncharted 2 OR they need to get rid of most of the changes altogether for the main modes and have the Uncharted 3 gameplay as one mode. Less is more.

4) Bring back Eddie Raja....we didn't see him actually die, how do we know how far he fell, he could of landed on one of those spaniards to break his fall and got away through another cliff opening. Maybe it would show you him escaping and seeing the events of Drakes Fortune play out while he gets away.

5) Actually give them an ending which makes them rich but also contains a secret ending which will lead onto a Uncharted 5.


I DO NOT and I mean DO NOT want to see Elena become pregant in the games, a child would ruin Drake as a character and Elena would become all mother would ruin the characters.

miyamoto2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Since your opinions are interesting....

I want Elena's Uncharted 1 & 2 feisty character back. ND mellowed her down in U3. U3 was too serious for my liking. The serious tone deducted lots of fun in the story. The romantic comedy was really gone in U3.

I miss the 2 love triangles of U2.

I will take Flynn & Eddie over Charlie Cutter anyday- he is not that funny.

But I like Flynn's character the best he is rival's Nate's humor yet augment, sustain and complements it.
If ND can bring him back then good.

MP should have graphics like the campaign.

I love the supernatural enemies. They add intensity to the games and keep it from being boring.

I have no problem with using old gameplay formulas because like in many sequels fans always want the stuff that worked in the previous games. A mix of old and new is good.

U3 by no means a bad game specially on the innovative & technical marvel levels. I played it day one. The story elements were very very interesting. But a more solid well pieced together storytelling could have made a better game.

-Mika-2053d ago

An assassin creed like story in which a new uncharted game comes out every year. I think it will make the characters of uncharted have alot of depth and it will be fun to have a new uncharted game every year.

SCW19822053d ago

I really hope this is an actual joke on your part.

bronxsta2053d ago

I agree with most of those points, especially the recycled moments. My brother would kill me but personally I enjoyed Uncharted 2 way more than the third game. Sure the improved melee is great, the graphics even better, but I felt the story kind of ignored intriguing plotlines that they made seem important (Who is Drake, really?), etc.

And nothing in my opinion reached the heights of Uncharted 2's best moments. The cruise ship was awesome but way too short and really nothing has been imprinted in my head quite like the second's game opening (best opening ever, IMO) or the helicopter attack/collapsing hotel (I still rush through that level just for that part)

But I disagree about using better known history. I love history and non fiction and I really feel the mystique of those little known semi-historical stories and mysteries are way more interesting than the Pyramids or the Parthenon.

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