Bow Street Runner - High-Quality Free Browser Game

British Broadcasters Channel 4 announces the first of their new online games, a rather well produced point-and-click detective adventure Bow Street Runner, which is set to arrive in a number of episodes in the coming months. The game is aimed to educate players about the work of the early police force - The Bow Street Runners - who were tasked with cleaning up the crime-ridden horrors of Georgian London. Surprisingly, it's pretty good.

"Bow Street Runners is set in London's Covent Garden in the 1750s, and depicts a time when crime and vice in the city had hit such level that the local Magistrates began to introduce the first instances of physical policing of law and order.

Bow Street Runners is designed to be historical accurate, and therefore the game's content and its setting may not be suitable for younger players."

The game is basically a hotspot search, but that works, given the detective tasks that face you. The dialogue and interrogation are convincingly delivered by actors from the "City of Vice" TV show, with which the game is associated. Consequently the quality of the game is unusually high, even compared to commercially produced point-and-click games.

The puzzles have some really nice touches too, such as lifting things from people's pockets or clearing away rubble to get to evidence. Bow Street Runners is an instance of what browser-based gaming is capable of, wrapped in a rather authentic package.

The source link below takes you straight to the game. The first episode is free to play, (and most likely will the future episodes.)

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mariusmal3833d ago

gotta love point n click :D

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in the UK its just channel 4. just so ya know