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Assassin's Creed III, a whole new frontier in disappointment | SMH Review

Dear Ubisoft, please stop forcing your development studios to slavishly adhere to your annual pre-Christmas release cycle. (Assassin's Creed III, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) -

PockyKing  +   972d ago
Guess someone didn't hear the news that they spent 2 + years developing the game. It certainly wasn't "rushed".
Hellsvacancy  +   972d ago
Maybe not "rushed" but it definetly needed more polish, I guess it was rushed then - doh

I agree with this review, Ive been playing it on the PS3 and i cant really say im totally impressed with it, i mean, its very twitchy, the way your character moves, or when you pan the camera around, its doesnt seem as smooth as older titles in the series

"I was appalled to see during one cutscene that while my character's lines were perfectly synchronised with his lips, the person he was talking to was just waggling his mouth randomly as he talked. As the game progressed I saw this everywhere, as well as a lot of characters that don't move their mouths at all" ive experienced all of that

I cant complain really, im renting it, screw Ubisoft
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PockyKing  +   972d ago
Well for how large the game is in scope, I'm surprised that, is pretty much the only problems you could find. Sure, there are a few glitches and bugs here and there, but nothing really game breaking at least.
rezzah  +   972d ago
^ Exactly, they complain as if your character is falling through the ground like in Prince of Persia.

The glitches are minor.
Conzul  +   972d ago

AC3 has a number of absolutely inexcusable bugs and slip-ups. I'm glad IGN gave it a 8.5, well said. Would easily have been a 9.5 with sufficient polish.

Am I the only one who's finding himself missing Brotherhood?
phantomexe  +   972d ago
You must of bumped your head..... the game looks stuning. This game shocked my wife with just how preety it looked. The land and the environment looks and moves like it should. Game is a must have for AC fans. It does have a few bugs but i'm sure it will see another patch.
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Re4er  +   972d ago
The game's graphics weren't much of an improvement over Assassin's Creed Revelations.
MasterD919  +   972d ago
I still can't believe how people are making a massive deal out of the small bugs in this game.

Red Dead Redemption had similar issues and went on to become an amazing game. AC3 is still awesome, despite any small annoyances. I won't say it's the greatest AC since everyone likes to poke and prod the problems with it, rather than focus on how stunning the game looks and plays...

If it weren't for Halo 4 coming out, I would be playing it non-stop. Great game and as a true gamer (who owned all previous entries in the AC series) I am happy with my purchase.
SCW1982  +   972d ago
Have to agree with the article. Huge disappointment for me. This is one of the worst paced games I have ever come across. Assassins Creed 2 was excellent because of the variety of missions given, but this games mission structure is so tedious and unsatisfying. I have no desire whatsoever to finish this rushed mess. The Frontier is very pretty though.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   972d ago
I dont know why you getting disagrees its the truth. The chase missions in AC3 is pretty bad just hold R1 and foward and thats it. I'm not even knocking it down for the ending its Connor. Ezio and Altair did dumb things in their youth but they learned their lesson. Connon on the other hand has that superman personality.
SCW1982  +   971d ago
I think they are disagreeing about the Frontier being pretty.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   971d ago
Probably even the chase missions in AC3 are pure crap compared to other games. The only thing AC3 did good was some good Navel missions they the funniest part of the game. It's not even liking Ezio or Connor more. Just Connor truly believe he was a one man army. He really thought he was superman. The biggest disappoint is not even the ending its the Haytham fight. That fight was done pretty shitty.

I hope in the next spin off we get to play as a Templar. Haytham made me respect templars in this game.
josephayal  +   972d ago
Each year gamers get milked titles like CoD and Assassin's Creed
OneAboveAll  +   972d ago
I think the game is great but having to travel through the frontier all the time is harsh.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   972d ago
Fast travel !
videoxgamexfanboy  +   972d ago
So far I'm loving it! I did fall thru the ground on Boston tho. And it takes way to long to finally play as adult Conner in assassin gear. Outside of that I like it better than all the AC games I've played
BlaqMagiq24  +   971d ago
I kinda loved and hated the buildup to Connor becoming an Assassin. Hated because maybe it dragged on for a little too long, but loved because of the huge backstory of him all the way back to when he was a kid, showing how long the conflict has been happening. They never really did that with Altair or Ezio. I say at the very least AC 3 is just as good as AC 2, but whether it's better is debatable.
videoxgamexfanboy  +   971d ago
Hmm...I didn't really look at it from that point of view. U may be right.
ufo8mycat  +   972d ago
I haven't ran into any glitches/bugs so far and I am just up to Sequence 6.

I did notice the issue with the lip syncing but couldn't care less. Big deal.

The new setting is refreshing, instead of seeing the same art style for 3 games.

The graphics have definitely taken a step up.

I have had no issues accidentally falling off the roof instead of jumping across - Possibly the reviewer needs more practice, but instead blames the game.

"Items can only be crafted one at a time, meaning you have to set it up, push the craft button, push the confirmation button, push the craft button, push the confirmation button, and so on."

Talk about nit-picking. Though obviously this could of been designed better, not as big a deal as reviewer is making it out to be.

Gameplay wise - I am loving it. No issues what so ever. It took a while to get going (Sequence 1 - 5) felt like a Prologue, but the build up has made it more exciting.

As for the stale side-missions - well cannot comment on this as I am just starting on Sequence 6. What large open-world style of game , doesn't include stale missions?

Reviewer is just a nitpicker
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floetry101  +   972d ago
Glitches are fairly subjective. No doubt the game has plenty, but mileage will vary depending on your experience. I hadn't experienced anything up until Sequence 5, where I started getting no lip movement in conversation, hilarious Bioware-like cutscene bugs, camera locking, falling through the map and times where I would go into a new area with the camera stuck in a tree canopy.

Sometimes they're hilarious, sometimes they're ugly. It hasn't diminished my enjoyment of the game, but they're certainly there, and need fixing.
ufo8mycat  +   972d ago
Actually I have had the camera lock bug happen to me, but this was only once so far.

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