Top 5 Free-To-Play MMORPGs That Might Actually Be Worth Your Time

Drakensang, Battlestar Galactica, Runes of Magic, DC Universe Online, and Dungeons and Dragons Online, top our list of the best Free MMORPG's. Here's why...

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X-Factor2228d ago

Enemy Crab, our newest Author breaks down for us the top 5 free MMORPGs.

Spenok2228d ago

They left out some pretty good ones IMO.

enemycrabludos2228d ago

Hi Spenok,

I did a good amount of research for this piece but admittedly picked some of the games I liked best personally, while attempting to include very different games. What would you have added to the list?


Spenok2228d ago

Hey man it's good to see the author getting involved in the community on the N4G side.

Personally on free to play MMO's I would have put Aion on the list for sure, and LOTRO. The games you picked were good games. And I can see why you chose them. Though I would have left out one or two of them.